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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 74 & 75

Yesterday went shopping in Mid Valley with Xying, William bro and my secondary frens...

Bought a bag for my internship!!!:)

Then, at night went overnite in Xying's house...kekeke....

Me,William and Xying went Bukit Tinggi,Jusco to watch "Alvin and the Chipmunks"...*thumbs up*

Then,mamak in Shah Alam because Xying staying in Shah Alam mah...:D

The next day, went Bak Ku Teh in Klang!!!*slurps*

Afternoon back home and sleep again because very very tired....Didn't had a nice sleep because we stay up and chit chat till very late~~~

and the worst thing is I AM SICK after i back from Xying house!!!T.T....I'm sick on NYE!!!T.T

Well, today is New Year Eve...the last day of 2009.....tomorrow is another brand new year again.....Frankly, i miss 2009 because i dun wanna get older and older anymore....>< Anyway, i still waiting for 2010 to arrive!!!:))...Hopefully it will be a better year than now....at least a little more better compare to these few months.....Had a really hard time going through all these days....BUT, i will still SMILE and stand up to go on with my life!!!!!!

Internship starting on next Tuesday already....working life gonna start!!!!Kinda worry already...but hopefully everything will be OKAY and i will learn more things!!!:P

Gonna stay at home alone to countdown the arriving of 2010!!!!!!!!Anyway, wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!Have a blast tonight everyone!!!^.^

The chapter of the stories is ending......Not gonna look back.....All i can do is looking forward to a new year and new life!!!!!I believe I CAN do it!!!!!CHEER UP!!!!

ps : u really "make" my day every time....><

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