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Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 54

Status : Hampir MATI!!!

last minute job is always killing me the most...especially when i'm feeling sick for the past few days....everything seems hard to solve and take more time to complete....i dun like it.....can i shout for a "BREAK" now???

it's another day...tat means i been having gastric for 6 continuous days...this should be the 1st experience in my life with gastric for so many days....i hate this feeling....where i can remember those suffer hard time and days in my life!!!and yeah...i didn't look for any doctor because i'm just dun like it!!!:P

few more days till finals again!!!this time is much more relax compare to the last few semester...I think i been wasting most of the time lepak-ing and doing nothing in my study week!!time wasted....ish ish....why must it always be so fast???Well,i shall starts concentrating in studies LAR!!!!!T.T

another 10 more days....should i or shouldn't i remember???should i be happy or should't i????i'm confuse....because i know the answer but i just dun want to accept it!!!><...the stupid me always do stupid thing....shall i care or i shall not care???can u pls tell me what can i do????

december is ending...2009 is ending....
can i stop the time???

SLAP ME SLAP ME!!!!!!!!!i dun wanna live in my own dreamland already!!!!!!everything is gonna back to reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today is not a good day i guess...nights....

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