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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tonight I am missing you....

Oh out of sudden, I suddenly thinking of you and missing u badly here....
I know I shouldn't be thinking of you already but I'm sorry that I couldn't stop thinking of u out of my mind!!!~ 
Sometimes, I am really angry of myself..... Issit so hard for one to let go on somebody else???
I have no one to complain and confess about.... I dun want my friend to be worry about me anymore because of someone.... I dun want to have any misunderstanding between the us.... I just hoping to be friends with U~ 
I really missed those days.... And it couldn't get off my mind anything that related to U....in my mind.....
I just dun know how....Although U're far from me....although we didn't have any conversation anymore.... but in my heart I still wanting to know about how is ur life there.... Although I know u're just lying to me.... but I still choose to trust U.....U couldn't never know how much I miss U here....how much I wanting to know how are you there....how much I hoping we could be like the past... how much I wanting U to scold me again.... how much I hoping U to give me advice....how much how much my heart breaks into pieces whenever I saw all the things that I dun want to know..... how much how much I am worrying about U.... how much U will ever bother about a friend like me....That's too many....I could never get to express here in words.......
Dear U, promise me no matter what happen in future, I just hope we are still friends and I just want U to be happy with ur life there!!!~ 
I thought I will never express my feeling towards U here again.... Unfortunately, I feel sorry because I am really out of my mind....where should I keep all these already!!!~ My heart and mind is full with pictures of U....and I wish from now onwards, I can delete EVERYTHING even from the past till now and forever.......... TQ for the memories.... I'm sorry for not forgetting U after 1 and half years..........

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In my mind....

Yeah, life is busy now...
But I guess, so far I am happy with it~ 
In my mind, I just wanna earn MORE!!!!!
Hit my target!!~ RM 4000 per month!!!!
Good luck to me lor! (:

Monday, June 27, 2011

As we grow old day by days....

Life is full with challenge everyday now....As we human grow up, so many things are waiting for us to solve and face it! After many years of studies, this is the time for myself to face the real world and working life can only be describe by one word " tiredness".....A word which can represent few thousands of expression and emotion in one! Now we only realize, how good to be study in school.....

Holidays.....I am looking forward for weekends and holidays every single day...... The most suffering time is our Monday blue's moody mood and of course Friday is the most happy day especially there's plans up on the weekends! Yeah, nonsense I am talking about now.... Sorry for that, I have not talk all these for months already....Now have a lil mood to type a longer post mah!=P

From July onwards, I guess I have not enough time for other entertainment already!!!Wuwuwuwuwu!!!!T_T It's because I have few classes of tuition going on and I will be giving tuition after school until 8pm at the night!!!! I guess my life would be really busy and maybe this is also a good thing for me so that I wont have the time to think about the other problems............Escaping from reality I guess???? Nah, I didn't want to bother so much in the first place..... So just let it be and just follow the flow lor~ (:

Went Pavilion with my Uni classmates on Saturday!!! Frankly, I seldom go there because it's too "high class" for me already but I notice I actually love the place SO much!!!!XD Kekekeke....On the same day itself, the night time had a small party to celebrate my friend's pre-birthday celebration at Redbox, Sunway Pyramid. Its been ages since I went to Redbox actually....whereby nowadays me and my friends prefer to go Neway for our K session! (: Great session and meet with new friends....So envy that her BF actually planned all the surprise for her and the BR ice-cream cake!!!Yummy though! Argh, at the moment, how I wish there's someone who can also celebrate my birthday with me too! Oh well, I guess it should be a long way to go until I can actually find the right person to have a surprise birthday for me! :( Nah, thinking too much but I am actually used to it.....So, just let it be lor! At here, again I wanna say " Happy Birithday, Qiu Lin!!!"...

Time for bed now....Tomorrow is another new week ahead and hope everyone will have a good one in the coming week.... (: Take care and I miss ya'll ~~~~~~~ xoxo GOOD NIGHT!!!!Zzzzzz....................

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lost and found...

I'm following my heart,
taking my brain with me....
Where can I go?
I'm just....
but also

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dun trust easily....

At the end of the story, there's always a moral for the story....
This time, I learned not to trust people easily.....which I know this is always my weaknesses.....
Once again, I think my heart really breaks into pieces....silently.....in the other night where I still need to pretend to be brave and make myself freaking busy for the whole day......the day I realize how slow the time passed.....how slow the world is moving......all THX to my heart which is crying silently deep in heart!!!!~
The feeling of disappointment.... I once again tried it....knew it and feel it......
I didn't want to blame others because it's none of their business....this time is myself who get it wrong and my feelings shows me the wrong path already.......blame myself but no one kay! >.<
I had learned, not to trust people easily anymore......
Yeah, can u really feel how my heart breaks now????? Nah, no one does.......
Good night!Zzzzzz.....

Sunday, June 12, 2011


无论这样的日子能维持多久。。。那已经不重要了。。。我学会了珍惜现在。。。珍惜现在可以和你谈谈天和有说有笑的日子。。。真的很怀念~ 谢谢你!

The feeling of tonight....

June seems to be great~ I met great people and great things happens on me!
I know it's too early to be happy but I am sure that there's more to come~~~~
Sabah trip was awesome with the girls!!!!!!!! Party night are GREAT too!!!!^.P
Well, the last thing is, I am happy to have the chance to talk to u again........
Hopefully this is not a temperament but it is always a good one with u in my life~
Not going to think too much this time, I guess everything will goes to our fate~ (:
TQ and arigato for making smile once again after all these days~ *TEEHEE*

I believe there's more good things to come......Will look forward into it!!!! Yeah~ ^.^

Thursday, June 9, 2011

好的事情 - 严爵

都是因为你 我一直漫步
谁给谁束缚 谁比谁辛苦
好的事情 最后虽然结束
感动十分 就有十分满足
谢谢你 是你陪我走过那些路
痛 是以后无法再给你幸福
好的事情 也许能够重复
感动时分 就算纷纷模糊
不要哭 至少你和我记得很清楚
爱 是为彼此祝福

谁给谁束缚 谁比谁辛苦
好的事情 最后虽然结束
感动十分 就有十分满足
谢谢你 是你陪我走过那些路
痛 是以后无法再给你幸福
好的事情 也许能够重复
感动时分 就算纷纷模糊
不要哭 至少你和我记得很清楚
爱 是为彼此祝福

不要哭 至少你和我记得很清楚
爱 是为彼此祝福

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's JUNE!!!!

Time flies....

It's June 2011!!!!

Owh, I hope it would be a good month~~~xD

U get what I mean, ya?

Can't wait for our Sabah trip on Thursday!!!!

Girls, are u ready???????

Sabah....here I come!!!!<3