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Sunday, May 27, 2012

You are no one to judge me! :)

I am just being myself! 
You are no one to judge on what I like! 
If you don't like it,
Just leave...
I only highly appreciate whom accept the way I am!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

萧亚轩 - 逞强

如果听实话 只会更伤
宁愿将你的谎话 当作善良
反正结局是这样 晓得细节又怎样
想好聚好散 完美伪装
可是被你的拥抱 击溃眼眶
不愿成全 不想原谅 但自尊太好强
最怕旧情人 像怜悯 的眼光

爱的太逞强 无论多眷恋 也不祈求不勉强
不爱我的我不想 讲得洒脱却感伤
总是爱的太逞强 怎么你竟让我不能忘 不能放
痛 还想

戴上了墨镜 隔绝目光
然后戴上了耳机 紧贴悲伤
到人群里去流浪 也不一个人在家
越苦的情歌 越要敢唱
回忆最满的地方 坐一晚上
不要埋藏 才能释放 虽然痛会很长
爱不会留下 太容易 疗的伤

爱的太逞强 无论多眷恋 也不祈求不勉强
不爱我的我不想 讲的洒脱却感伤
总是爱的太逞强 怎么你竟让我不能忘 不能放
痛 还想

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I am NOT happy!

Recently, I feel unhappy and moody easily.... NOT because I like to be like that, it just happens....maybe because of my characteristic which always too worried or think TOO much cause this happens on myself everytime!!!~ Sometimes, I really feel upset.......there's no one who can really I talk to or even not really a single one I can express my feeling to...... I feel.....so.... unhappy.................

I dun know why cause me like that whereby people I always trust always betrayed me or even hide more things behind me.....Am I really so bad as a friend? Am I really too lousy? Am I really so annoying? Am I really so unlucky always? Am I really that easy to be cheated? T_T

I am going crazy~~~ lalaalalaaa~~~~~~~~ I am depressed~~~~ I am in BAD BAD BAD mood~~~~ I need a shoulder who I can relay on........ I need someone who can care and help me..... I need some care and love.......I am also a normal girl..... I just need what the others need!!!! I am not a robot!!! If you think I really dun need all this.....NOW, I can let you know that YOU're WRONG!!!!!! Whenever I feel unhappy.... I just feel like hugging you and cry infront of you....and tell you whatever happens on me.........In deep deep deep of my heart.... I do really miss you! I never deny it.........I just hope I can keep this missing deep in my heart and hoping you will appear again infront of me and comfort me like how you used to!~

Last one, should I take leave and go back to school to see my fellow students this Friday? :(

I do miss them....all of the time..............:(:(:(

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Raise Your Standard!!!!!

Hey you,
Who do you think you are to judge me???
Can you use your brain to think but not your ass???!
No matter what you said,
Please bring your brain along and dun keep pretending in front of people!
If I remain silent,
It doesn't mean that I admit,
I just dun want to waste my precious time to flight back!
It useless ya know!
I dun care how you want it to be ended up,
I just have a sentence for you which is 100% true and applies on you.......
Can you,
Dun talk cock and sing song there~~~~~
You will just annoy the others! >.<