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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 74 & 75

Yesterday went shopping in Mid Valley with Xying, William bro and my secondary frens...

Bought a bag for my internship!!!:)

Then, at night went overnite in Xying's house...kekeke....

Me,William and Xying went Bukit Tinggi,Jusco to watch "Alvin and the Chipmunks"...*thumbs up*

Then,mamak in Shah Alam because Xying staying in Shah Alam mah...:D

The next day, went Bak Ku Teh in Klang!!!*slurps*

Afternoon back home and sleep again because very very tired....Didn't had a nice sleep because we stay up and chit chat till very late~~~

and the worst thing is I AM SICK after i back from Xying house!!!T.T....I'm sick on NYE!!!T.T

Well, today is New Year Eve...the last day of 2009.....tomorrow is another brand new year again.....Frankly, i miss 2009 because i dun wanna get older and older anymore....>< Anyway, i still waiting for 2010 to arrive!!!:))...Hopefully it will be a better year than now....at least a little more better compare to these few months.....Had a really hard time going through all these days....BUT, i will still SMILE and stand up to go on with my life!!!!!!

Internship starting on next Tuesday already....working life gonna start!!!!Kinda worry already...but hopefully everything will be OKAY and i will learn more things!!!:P

Gonna stay at home alone to countdown the arriving of 2010!!!!!!!!Anyway, wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!Have a blast tonight everyone!!!^.^

The chapter of the stories is ending......Not gonna look back.....All i can do is looking forward to a new year and new life!!!!!I believe I CAN do it!!!!!CHEER UP!!!!

ps : u really "make" my day every time....><

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 73

Another day, rotting at home watching PPS and Online nia....what a day again~~

At night went Look Out Point with Brian and friends...then yum char in mamak....:)

Hhmmm...so many unforgettable memories whenever the places we went together before....But, this time i am brave enough to face it!!!!At least, i did not cry...and i'm just missing him in my heart~~

Well, just wanna see him happy and i'm happy for him!!!Not going to ask for more this time....

Tomorrow going Mid Valley!!!WooHoo...i'm so happy till cannot sleep now!!!HAHA....but in the same time i feel so broke because i spent too much and still i havent buy all the things i want to!!!Swt><

Good night and have a nice dream!!!!

I'm missing you badly....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 72

Today went to shopping with one of my secondary bestie, Zao-Xying!!!I bought things to prepare for my internship next week...kinda broke liao....ZZzzZ....but both of us had a nice day!!!^.^

After that, went yum char with my beloved bro William...we went SS15 Snowflake:)...The things there not bad!!hehe:))...but sometimes many ppl de lor~~~

Kinda tired of shopping today...maybe getting older liao that's why easily get tired nowadays...HmmM...compared to last time when few years back which me and my friends can hang out for the whole day from morning till night but we will not complain "pain" and "tired"....but now everyone is growing up and growing older liao...always complain lazy n tired liao...Haha....time really flies....and we are now 22!!!OMG...i can't believe that i am now actually 22 this year and i'm going to be 23 SOON!!!!Walao eH.....I dun wan to grow up...i dun wan to grow old too!!!Just wish i can stay forever 21???LOLxx....

2 days never contact...i tot i can forget....i tot i am busy enough so that i will not think...i tot i will be alright already....i tot everything is going back like the old me....i tot...everything will be fine even though without him....i tot he will still contact me....i tot we might have a chance to meet again.....Every single question in my mind, it will just remain as Q's in my heart....This time, i just dun know why i become so irrational in all these problems because of him!!!I never felt that one is so important in my life before....I never want a person so badly in my previous life....Why the hell am i giving so much love to a person which is not worth it at all????

I tried hard....but i still cannot control my emotional and tears when i saw the "photo"of us in my wallet which i gave to him during Valentine's day...The photo that i really love a lot because he smile sweetly....Whenever i look at the picture, he will always appear in my mind which makes me even missing him and getting emo in sudden....Ahaha...i guess i'm getting myself in trouble already!!!><

 The photo of us brings us many happy moments and sweet memories....I just can't ignore the existing of him before once in my life...So many times people around me ask me to throw away the photo, but i really can't do it!!!I just not brave enough to do that because i know i will lose him forever if i really did that....How bout him???I know he did not keep the photo in his wallet anymore...just like the photos in his room which he also took away....the "bearbear" i gave him is not there anymore....How hurts when i saw that.....I still gotta pretend to be fine and i still gotta stay brave in front of everything!!! How hard it is going to be...but i didn't complain because i know it is useless if i say anything about that....:(:(....Can i know that is he really throw away everything that belongs to me????

It's important for me to know the answer...but i guess it's just not important for him to keep all these....

Why the world is not fair???Why when we appreciate things but it always not going to be ours???Why when we dun appreciate things, it will always come to us?????

3 more days till year 2010!!!

Can i have a better year???

Dear God, can i have him by my side again???

I guess i gonna be alone celebrating year 2010 luu~~~

Everyone has a plan,how bout me???

Can i wish that i can spend the time together with him???:(

Argh, I am dreaming too early i guess~~

Good Night and have a sweet dream!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 71


最近,还真的很烦咯...朋友遇上问题了...就跑来要我帮忙他们....有时我还真的心有余而力不足啊!!~ 我发现自己最近好像没有什么耐心咯....不喜欢拖拖拉拉的...不喜欢长遍大论的...什么事情都想快快解决....到底是怎么啦??? 为什么世界就是那么复杂???为什么人就是那么不简单???为什么人与人之间就是那么多事情呢???难道简简单单就不好吗???难道真的为了自己的利益什么就不管了吗???难道真的为了自己的幸福就应该不折手断吗???? 人真的很可怕...当要争取自己应有的东西时,真的会不管三七二十一的去得到....他们这样会开心吗???









Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 70

It's Saturday!!!
Woke up kinda late today because yesterday slept quite late...dun have enough sleep again....So today sleep a little late to reward myself!!:P
Today suppose going shopping with my parents but due to brother is sick so mummy canceled liao!!!~Ish ishhh...No shopping but went Carrefour nia....
At night went yum char with Jun Boon, Brendan and Teck Hao for the 1st round in SS14 mamak....It's been 2 years i never go there liao...Recall how those days we always went there together....i missed those days....
Then,meet up with William and Isaac in SS15 Rack Cafe for pool session!!!:P
After that, 2nd round yum char in Asia Cafe...
Oh ya, Patrick came to find me for awhile...its been a long time never meet him already....Well,he didn't change much though...*thanks anyway*

Da da da da, da da da da
Da da da da-da da

Do you know if I can yell any louder
How many time have I kicked you outta here?
Or said something insulting?
da da da da-da
I can be so mean when I wanna be
I am capable of really anything
I can cut you into pieces
But my heart is....broken

Da da da-da da
Please don't leave me
Please don't leave me
I always say how I don't need you
But it's always gonna come right back to this
Please, don't leave me

How did I become so obnoxious?
What is it with you that makes me act like this?
I've never been this nasty
Can't you tell that this is all just a contest?
The one that wins will be the one that hits the hardest
But baby I don't mean it
I mean it, I promise

Da da da-da da
Please don't leave me
Da da da-da da
Please don't leave me
Da da da-da da
I always say how I don't need you
But it's always gonna come right back to this
Please, don't leave me


ps: I can't lie to you that i actually missing you a lot!!!
I gave your freedom back...
but now
I have nothing afterall...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 69

很累 因为很久没有好好休息了...

ps : YES i know i'm not important anymore...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 68


it should always just ended up like that!!!!
new updates on 930pm

241209--->Christmas Eve??
This year i guess it will be the worst day throughout the year...Yeah....what a bad bad day!!!

Hrmm...been out for the whole day...1u,Sunway,yum char...
Shits happens...so never really celebrate or wat...Went out with friends and talk only...but luckily we had decided to have a "exchange present" for X'mas in the gathering!!!!~
Everything just not that smooth today...
Nah, not going to share here because i dun wanna remember this day....
Whatever it shall going to be...
I'm still alone
Because i still believe miracle will happens...

ps : bought myself a watch as my x'mas present!!
ps : bought the red heels from Vincci..:))
ps : I am just like a FOol just because of YOU!!!!what the hell am i doing????

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 67

Went Neway Sing K with Amanda...2 of us sing and shout for 4 hours...almost CRAZY liao!!!:D
Then, went Sunway "Boston" cafe for dinner with Sun and Amanda...never ate anything also because really dun have the appetite to eat!!!Afternoon also never really eat~~ I gonna be "God" soon!!LOLs...
Then, meet up with the someone...:P
Before that i still worrying about too much thing but luckily everything was good~~
Thank you for telling me everything...
At least, i'm feeling worth it for what i did for you!!!
I put the trust on you...
As what i said, i will still wait until you found a good one!!~
I'm happy today,at least i'm clear with everything now....
Well, tml is the 1 year we know each other...
Although this year will not have the chance to celebrate together but i will still wait for the next one....
wanna wish everyone....

ps :Thank God Mummy is alright already!!!:)
pss : I love you for who you are... 

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 66

Today is a great outing day with my ji muis,Sun and Peng...
Went Pyramid again!!XD *although is a boring place for us but we still always hang out there*=D
Watched "Avatar"...had lunch in Kim Gary....had dinner in Sakae Sushi....then SHOPPING time!!!~~~
No appetite recently....rice couldn't be finished not even half when in KG...and then dinner time also never really eat><"...dun feel hungry....but dun feel well also:S:S
Then then...today i bought 2 dress!!!!!LOLsss....a white one and a RED dress!!!!!still remember the previous post i said i saw it???Yup....i BOUGHT it!!!!*happy happy*
Can't believe we actually stay in Pyramid from 12pm till 10pm...><"
Well, tired after the whole day outing....Took some nice pictures of the deco in Pyramid too..:):)
Should stop writing here already because dun really feel well now!!!
ps: is hard to pretend...i'm tired....
pss : wish Yee Ying will have a fun trip to Taiwan...
psss : this is the way you treating me now....*heartbreaks*
pssss : MUMMY, hope you can recover soon!!!!!:((

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 65

Went Pyramid with dear dear,Peng...
Watched " Princess and The Frog"....I lurve it!!!:D
Can't believe that i will love the fairy tales...
Hrmmm....today walked by Parkson and i saw something which stopped me for awhile...It just remind me of some unhappy thing....on second thought, i wanted to buy it....but i know even if i buy it will not have the meaning anymore....So,i just put down and walk away.....
There's still many things that i need to learn from now onwards....
I need to change myself...to be a better person....no matter from which criteria....
I gotta improve myself...I gotta work hard....I gotta look forward.....
I really like the phrase from Princess and The Frog--- My dream will never be completed without you!!!
I know i'm emo-ing again....
Well, this is the true me!!!

ps : seriously in love with RED!!!i saw a red dress and i wan it to be mine!!!:D
pss : God bless mummy will be alright soon!!!I'm so heartbreak to see mummy suffer from pain now...T.T
psss : 冬至快乐!!! I wanna eat "tang yuan"  that made my mummy!!!but i guess this year i wont have the chance:(:(
pssss : Xmas coming....i'm looking forward~~~~ 


不禁想起 长发飘逸的你
有自知之明 我只敢远远望着你

从没想过 那么心痛以后
从没想过 离开伤心以后
我终于能够当你面前 勇敢的对你说出口

不禁想起 长发飘逸的你
有自知之明 我只敢远远望着你

从没想过 那么心痛以后
从没想过 离开伤心以后
我终于能够当你面前 勇敢的对你说出口

我要加紧脚步 加紧脚步 对你说
我要加紧脚步 加紧脚步 对你说
我要加紧脚步 加紧脚步 对你说
我要加紧脚步 加紧脚步 对你说
我要加紧脚步 加紧脚步 对你说


ps:this is a meaningful lyric..nice song also...
i wanna dedicate to you....
thank you for everything!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 64

Today, being a good girl staying at home only....dun feel like going anywhere.....just alone is better i guess!!~
Mummy is sick...she need to go for X-ray tml....hopefully she is alright and i'm worry about her....:(:(
Dun know why dun have the holiday feel....Aiksss....
Everything is gonna end!!!
Is not what i wanted...but this will be the best way for us!!~
dun feel like writing anything today....shall continue tml lar~~
ps : 注定与遗憾,也许,只是一线之差

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday To "YOU"!!

This is a special post just about "you"...i hope you have the time to read it!!!:)

Today is your birthday, last year i am too late to know you on your birthday...but this year we met each other and also go through some happy and sorrow times together...Unfortunately we still unable to celebrate together...Guess this is what we called as " faith" bah!!Time really flies, it's almost a year we know each other already....
Well, the purpose i write this for you is because i'm confuse what to buy for you or anything....I think the best thing i can give you is "our memories" being together for the past few months....Every single day every single hour and minute....I have you being together with me...That was the most happy moments for me...Although we cannot meet each other everyday but we still have internet and phone...how great that we are waiting to talk to each other every single day...how great the time when you can come here to find me...how great the time i got the chance to go home to meet you....Those days is the most happy days in my Uni life....I have you helping me in assignments....I have you to listen to me when i'm sad....I also have you whenever i need you....and this makes me feel so proud being together with you!!!Guess you dun know that i never be proud to have a relationship with my past....I dun know why...You just simply so special for me that i wanna keep this relationship....
I and you know that we both are from different background...Sometimes is hard for you to accept my thinking ...Sometimes we do have argument just because the different opinion and thinking...but you will still listen to me and told me many inspiration words to continue....I feel great being together with you every time...Maybe too many difficulties and differences between us....that's why things ended up like now i guess....Once, i been blaming myself for not being a good gf but i guess u and i know that the problem is not just from one but both of us should take the responsibility right???
Dun worry, i am not hoping any return from you anymore...What u had read is just my small small thoughts when i feel alone...Maybe this is just me who always like to think a lot of things and make things to complicated....Sorry for always troubling you and everything i had done before....Maybe you are right, what i do i am hoping for at least a return...But everything that been done will not necessary have a return!!!Maybe i am expecting too much at times thats why too many misunderstand between us....After you told me this, guess is just time for me to stop and let go things....I promise, no matter how hard it will going to be....i will not think about the "problem" between us anymore!!!I am officially letting go!!!!!!
By now, we are just a normal friends like others....Hope we will still maintain the friendship....Thank you for appreciate everything if u really did....At least, let me feel that is worth it to do everything for you!!!:).....Not going to hope...not going to think....Things will just has an ending now....
No matter what,i'm happy to know you...appreciate everything u did...the love and care that u gave for me before....I sincerely wish you Good luck in everything!!!Lastly, Happy Birthday to You!!!!Hope you will have a nice day on ur bday!~~
Take care and Cheers^.^
Thank you.
ps : hope you like the cake!

Day 63

Today exam finish at 11.30am but me 11am then pass up the paper and quickly come out from the exam hall already....too many things that i forget....the cause of lack of sleep i guess!!!

Been driving back from kampar...then fetch my friend go back to Cheras and then go Kg Subang fetch my ji mui  then come back home and went out yum char again with the gangs....:P...It was fun sitting together and chit-chat among each other.....happy to see Yee Ying, Cheah Wei, William bro,Sook Man,Elaine and their bf's.....Guess next time we hardly will have the time being together already!!!Appreciate it:))

Guess what??I have not been sleeping for more than 24 hours already....yet i dun feel tired at all!!!!OMG....i dunno what happen><"...just can't close my eye and let my mind clear....*HELP PLS*

Not going to explain more in details bout today....and lastly, just wanna wish "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"to him!!!Hope he will have a good day~

Take care lor!!!xoxo

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 62

It's 7am!!!!!!!
Just back from Priya house....study moral and also chit-chatting with her....both of us kinda siao siao liao.....><....talked bout our past.....kinda missed those days....kinda missed some people who had been in my life before.....i feel regret n sad because i did not know how to appreciate people until this relationship....unfortunately, things still goes the same no matter how much i tried~~Well, nothing can be done....past is still past....things will not be the same anymore, right??
2 hours till the last paper...I can't wait for it....no mood to study....just cin cai look through...hopefully to get a Pass nia~~~
Then, I also hoping can faster go HOME!!!!!woOOoHoOOo.....^^
And now, i need to prepare myself and go for exam later luuuu..........
Wish everyone good luck and MERDEKA after this paper!!!:D
~WAIT ME BACK IN SUBANG in few hours time!!!YiPPIEEEeee....~
ps : i think i gonna miss kampar liao...
pss : finally i still gotta go through the days myself....
CHEER UP!!!xoxo

Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 61

Totally mess up my sleeping time again, suppose to sleep at night but i'm so freaking energetic and hyper....but i'm so sleepy n lazy when it comes to night time....

 Been staying in my room for the whole day...no where to go...no else to do....no mood to study for moral also....I just want to finish the exam and go back home now!!!T.T....

Counting the days....2 more days till the end of exam and back HOME!!!!:))

I miss my roomy already....without her, i really feel lonely because i have no one to talk with and no one to accompany me especially when i'm hungry!!!...I am the type of person who are very lazy...i can skipped my meal just because i'm lazy to drive out to get something to eat....If my roomy is here, she will always ask me for lunch or dinner....Ish ish.....I'm just like a small kid under her caring,and i always feel "happiness"....*thanks roomy*

Sometimes, i really wonder why must it always be like that???Things forever will not going the same way as what we wish....Everything...no matter what....*sigh* For once, people told me that we control our faith our life....but it seems not true for me....sometimes, when things happen it is just like how it suppose to be and we cannot change it....aren't it true???how can we avoid from things happen???:S:S

Well, sometimes we gotta accept what is happening and accept thing that is already expected....The more we hope the more we will fall...Never take things seriously???I wish i can too.....

Remember all the things we wanted
Now all our memories, they're haunted
We were always meant to say goodbye
Even with our fists held high
It never would've worked out right
We were never meant for do or die
I didn't want us to burn out
I didn't come here to hold you
Now I can't stop
I want you to know that it doesn't matter
Where we take this road
Someone's gotta go
And I want you to know
You couldn't have loved me better
But I want you to move on
So I'm already gone
Looking at you makes it harder
But I know that you'll find another
That doesn't always make you want to cry
Started with a perfect kiss
Then we could feel the poison set in
Perfect couldn't keep this love alive
You know that I love you so
I love you enough to let you go
I want you to know that it doesn't matter
Where we take this road
Someone's gotta go
And I want you to know
You couldn't have loved me better
But I want you to move on
So I'm already gone
I'm already gone, already gone
You can't make it feel right
Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson

You gave me hope...but you take it away again....
I know i shouldn't be hoping anymore....
Yes I really know....
All i need is a little more time....
No birthday celebration, no x'mas celebration, no new year celebration and etc....
I will just keep myself to be alone in everything....
Because i dun want to recall the moments when you was there.....
It still hurts a lot after all!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 60

2nd paper is down and now left 1 more to go...
My roomy is back to KL and same goes to YeeYing...Then my housemate Shin Yu also back to Sarawak already....All left me alone here and leave me in Kampar!!!T.T
Short semester is over and it's time to have HOLIDAYSsss!!!!!!and yeah I'll be working(internship)in Subang for the next semester....and that time i guess i will be missing Kampar already!!!HAHA!!=P
Seriously i just wish to go home now><
等待 只会带来快乐的假象
期待 只会带来失望的结果
如果 原地不动 可以吗???
Why am i having those thoughts again and again....
I'm tired...
Is not worth...
and i shall pamper myself more,right???
JI MUIsss...

ps : will you come??
3 more days...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 59

I'm in love with you ---------STATISTIC!!!!

Just finish stat's revision with Priya and Weng Kien....and it's 6am in the morning!!!!!!3 more hours to go....I'm actually nervous, not that i dun have the confident but this time i really feel bad and guilty because study for last minute!!!(if u know what i been doing lately)
Well, although is last minute but i still will say "I MUST GET A!!!"
I really wish exam can be finish now and i can go home now.......
I used to have someone to talked to whenever i feel unhappy....but now all i can is just keep everything in my heart....I really dun know who else can "replace"this place anymore......
Stupid me...
Silly me....
Useless me....
Why am i always just the "replacement" of someone else?????
For now,
I'm totally....HEARTBROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*I'm in love in red color recently!!!HOHOHO*

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 58

1 down 2 to go!!!;P
Today exam wasn't that bad...but i have no confident in getting good result...><
Yee Ying is back in Kampar....
we went for yum char with the others and also have a girl's talk session in my room!!!:P
It's so great to have her here because she can understand my feelings now~~
Been wondering about something else....
Guess i will not give up if i dun get a good answer~~~
Sometimes i think i am too worried and thinking nonsense...Maybe i should really let things go.....
Frankly,I miss him....*i know u guys will slap me becuz i still do*
Sorry, cuz i can hide from the others but not myself!!!~
I am scare and afraid...
But there's nothing i can do and there's too many unexpected things happen recently....
5am in the morning and i am still awake here....
What the crap am i doing here?????!!!!!!!
i really wonder....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 57

Another moody moody day...didn't concentrate on studies until now burning mid night oil....ishhh dunno when this kind of bad habit will not happen on me???*impossible i guess!!LOL*

I really dun know what happen to me....Just dun feel like talking....just wanna be alone.....

Well,tomorrow is my 1st paper - English for Social Science....frankly, nothing much to be read and im totally ignore this paper~~~anywayz, just hope i can do well in this paper because it's ENGLISH and i am hoping for an A to improve my CGPA this semester!!!!!*GAMBATEH TO ALL MY FRIENDS too!!!*

Everyone is not in the exam mood this semester...but still, gotta work hard in statistic!!!><"

Lastly, guess i should have a sleep now and wake up early tomorrow to have a look of  those notes again!!!and....GOOD NIGHT to all...:))

ps : Yeah!!!YEE YING will be back tomorrow and i can hang out together and chit-chat with her!!!!:D
pss : didn't contact him this few days....wondering what is he doing there:S:S
psss: I guess i'm thinking too much!!><

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 56

It's just complicated and confusing!!!!!!!

HaihZz....dun have the mood to study these few days.....it doesn't seems like having finals now....:S:S......ANOVA ar ANOVA.....i really dun like "you".......can anyone help me and teach me how to do "ANOVA" in stats????:S:S:S

Guess i shouldn't think and bother so much....I am just nobody.....I know.....

ps :  如果还有明天.....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 55


"他的镜框留在 某一节车厢 地下铁里的风 比回忆还重 整座城市一直等着我 有一段感情还在漂泊 对他唯一(如果还有)遗憾 是分手那天 我奔腾的眼泪 都停不下来 若那一刻重来 我不哭 让他知道我可以很好 我爱他 轰轰烈烈最疯狂 我的梦 狠狠碎过却不会忘 曾为他 相信明天就是未来 情节有多坏 都不肯醒来 我爱他 跌跌撞撞到绝望 我的心 深深伤过却不会忘 我和他 不再属于这个地方 最初的天堂 最重的荒唐 如果还有遗憾 又怎么样呢 伤了痛了懂了 就能好了吗 曾经依靠彼此的肩膀 如今各自在人海流浪 我爱他 轰轰烈烈最疯狂 我的梦 狠狠碎过却不会忘 逃不开 爱越深越互相伤害 越深的依赖 越多的空白 该怎么去爱 我爱他 轰轰烈烈最疯狂 我的梦 狠狠碎过却不会忘 曾为他 相信明天就是未来 情节有多坏 都不肯醒来 我爱他 跌跌撞撞到绝望 我的心 深深伤过却不会忘 我和他 不再属于这个地方 最初的天堂 最重的荒唐 如果还有遗憾 又怎么样呢 伤了痛了懂了 就能好了吗 我奔腾的眼泪 都停不下来 若那一刻重来 我不哭 让他知道我可以很好" -- 我爱他(丁当 ) 

Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 54

Status : Hampir MATI!!!

last minute job is always killing me the most...especially when i'm feeling sick for the past few days....everything seems hard to solve and take more time to complete....i dun like it.....can i shout for a "BREAK" now???

it's another day...tat means i been having gastric for 6 continuous days...this should be the 1st experience in my life with gastric for so many days....i hate this feeling....where i can remember those suffer hard time and days in my life!!!and yeah...i didn't look for any doctor because i'm just dun like it!!!:P

few more days till finals again!!!this time is much more relax compare to the last few semester...I think i been wasting most of the time lepak-ing and doing nothing in my study week!!time wasted....ish ish....why must it always be so fast???Well,i shall starts concentrating in studies LAR!!!!!T.T

another 10 more days....should i or shouldn't i remember???should i be happy or should't i????i'm confuse....because i know the answer but i just dun want to accept it!!!><...the stupid me always do stupid thing....shall i care or i shall not care???can u pls tell me what can i do????

december is ending...2009 is ending....
can i stop the time???

SLAP ME SLAP ME!!!!!!!!!i dun wanna live in my own dreamland already!!!!!!everything is gonna back to reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today is not a good day i guess...nights....

我知道你很难过 - 蔡依林

别问怎么做 爱才能长久
我知道你很难过 昨天是恋人
我知道你很难过 昨天是恋人
别问怎么做 爱才能长久
我知道你很难过 昨天是恋人

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 53

ARGHHhhhh....Been suffering from PAIN for many days already....why still cannot recover????T.T
There is lots of things that i found out recently....
Anyway, everything will just be kept to myself....

and I just wanna say...

I miss you!!

Sorry for everything....

ps: i'm freaking sick...how i wish u will be right here now...i just wanna hold u tight and hug u deep....desperately needing u here....i'm afraid of alone without u...i'm lost and scare....i just want u for the rest of my life~~ can u hear me???T.T 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 52

I been lepak-ing around the house and room for the whole day...didn't get to do my revision much....keep PPS in front of lappy and also fb-ing and chatting in MSN....I just dun have the mood to start anything...:S

Then, my roomy say wanna go for a hair wash and hair cut...so i accompany her too.....At first I just wanna have a hair wash....then suddenly feel like have a hair cut after my roomy finish cutting her hair....so, being stupid and regret for the 1st time,the lady helped to cut the hair and I was like "OMG" when i look from the mirror!!!!T.T....It's SO SHORT and i am not satisfy with it....it's so ugly and i cannot accept....i feel so unset and regret because making this stupid decision!!!!Gosh~~~~~ *Just blame myself*

Gastric has been surrounding me for the 4th day already....I took medicine....but never see doctor....it still not recovering at all...it getting pain and pain whenever i eat something....It really suffering!!!T.T....how can my gastric go away????chooOOocHOooooCHoooo~~~~~

Couldn't sleep tonight....went yum char wif roomy and housemate....then, bought clothes again!!!OMG....i'm kinda broke already and it only the early of December!!!!T.T.....gonna eat "grass" for the following week already!!~~~~~ But, i still gotta shop and buy some clothes for my internship and CNY!!!!Can someone willing to sponsor me???LOLxxx...

Well, should end my post for today already and off to bed now...i dun wanna be panda again!!!!!Lastly,wanna wish my lou poh Sze Yee "Happy 21st Birthday"!!!!:):)

Tomorrow should continue my FYP and stats!!~

ps : didn't hear from you recently...hope u doing fine....and i'm missing you here....