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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 50

It's Sunday!!!
Was doing my stats revision then suddenly get a phone call from my friend...asking to go watch movie in Ipoh together....and yeah....we 4 person decide to watch Twilight-New Moon!!!!

and Guess what....this time is really really so "special" for the 1st time in my life that we go there by Motor.....all the way from Kampar to Ipoh.....I'm a little scare but it is very syok!!!LOL!!!1st time in my life sitting motor for so long journey.....overall it still not a bad choice:P:P 

New Moon was not that bad as what other ppl had comment earlier....I love the story....I love the character and I also love the Wolf and Vampire!!!!!They're so LENG ZAI!!!:P:P....after movie, we had a walk awhile and then reach home about 10pm!!!!!~~

and then, i fail my mission today...which is i havent start my FYP!!!T.T....now i feel regret for "enjoying" the weekend without doing anything...><....time is running out and i dun know i can finish it before Friday anot!!!So sad.....but no matter what i promise myself to start tomorrow after the briefing for IA!!!SO, KAREN GOH,GAMBATEH!!!!!^.^

although today outing is not bad but i dun really feeling well.....i dun know what happen to my stomach and dizzy for the whole day....stomach pain since yesterday......T.T.....i ate medicine but still not recover yet!!!pity me...T.T....what else can i do????Besides, i also dun have appetite to eat....i only took a meal for 1 whole day today and same goes yesterday.....What happened???T.T

Tomorrow need to back uni because have briefing about our industrial training thingy....I'm tired but cannot sleep yet...><...what else can i do now besides study or FYP???~~~GrEEerrrRrrrr..........

Shall continue tomorrow and I'm hoping for Christmas to come!!!!^.^
ps: a simple call just make my day!!:)

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