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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 73

Another day, rotting at home watching PPS and Online nia....what a day again~~

At night went Look Out Point with Brian and friends...then yum char in mamak....:)

Hhmmm...so many unforgettable memories whenever the places we went together before....But, this time i am brave enough to face it!!!!At least, i did not cry...and i'm just missing him in my heart~~

Well, just wanna see him happy and i'm happy for him!!!Not going to ask for more this time....

Tomorrow going Mid Valley!!!WooHoo...i'm so happy till cannot sleep now!!!HAHA....but in the same time i feel so broke because i spent too much and still i havent buy all the things i want to!!!Swt><

Good night and have a nice dream!!!!

I'm missing you badly....

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