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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 72

Today went to shopping with one of my secondary bestie, Zao-Xying!!!I bought things to prepare for my internship next week...kinda broke liao....ZZzzZ....but both of us had a nice day!!!^.^

After that, went yum char with my beloved bro William...we went SS15 Snowflake:)...The things there not bad!!hehe:))...but sometimes many ppl de lor~~~

Kinda tired of shopping today...maybe getting older liao that's why easily get tired nowadays...HmmM...compared to last time when few years back which me and my friends can hang out for the whole day from morning till night but we will not complain "pain" and "tired"....but now everyone is growing up and growing older liao...always complain lazy n tired liao...Haha....time really flies....and we are now 22!!!OMG...i can't believe that i am now actually 22 this year and i'm going to be 23 SOON!!!!Walao eH.....I dun wan to grow up...i dun wan to grow old too!!!Just wish i can stay forever 21???LOLxx....

2 days never contact...i tot i can forget....i tot i am busy enough so that i will not think...i tot i will be alright already....i tot everything is going back like the old me....i tot...everything will be fine even though without him....i tot he will still contact me....i tot we might have a chance to meet again.....Every single question in my mind, it will just remain as Q's in my heart....This time, i just dun know why i become so irrational in all these problems because of him!!!I never felt that one is so important in my life before....I never want a person so badly in my previous life....Why the hell am i giving so much love to a person which is not worth it at all????

I tried hard....but i still cannot control my emotional and tears when i saw the "photo"of us in my wallet which i gave to him during Valentine's day...The photo that i really love a lot because he smile sweetly....Whenever i look at the picture, he will always appear in my mind which makes me even missing him and getting emo in sudden....Ahaha...i guess i'm getting myself in trouble already!!!><

 The photo of us brings us many happy moments and sweet memories....I just can't ignore the existing of him before once in my life...So many times people around me ask me to throw away the photo, but i really can't do it!!!I just not brave enough to do that because i know i will lose him forever if i really did that....How bout him???I know he did not keep the photo in his wallet anymore...just like the photos in his room which he also took away....the "bearbear" i gave him is not there anymore....How hurts when i saw that.....I still gotta pretend to be fine and i still gotta stay brave in front of everything!!! How hard it is going to be...but i didn't complain because i know it is useless if i say anything about that....:(:(....Can i know that is he really throw away everything that belongs to me????

It's important for me to know the answer...but i guess it's just not important for him to keep all these....

Why the world is not fair???Why when we appreciate things but it always not going to be ours???Why when we dun appreciate things, it will always come to us?????

3 more days till year 2010!!!

Can i have a better year???

Dear God, can i have him by my side again???

I guess i gonna be alone celebrating year 2010 luu~~~

Everyone has a plan,how bout me???

Can i wish that i can spend the time together with him???:(

Argh, I am dreaming too early i guess~~

Good Night and have a sweet dream!!!

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