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Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 68


it should always just ended up like that!!!!
new updates on 930pm

241209--->Christmas Eve??
This year i guess it will be the worst day throughout the year...Yeah....what a bad bad day!!!

Hrmm...been out for the whole day...1u,Sunway,yum char...
Shits happens...so never really celebrate or wat...Went out with friends and talk only...but luckily we had decided to have a "exchange present" for X'mas in the gathering!!!!~
Everything just not that smooth today...
Nah, not going to share here because i dun wanna remember this day....
Whatever it shall going to be...
I'm still alone
Because i still believe miracle will happens...

ps : bought myself a watch as my x'mas present!!
ps : bought the red heels from Vincci..:))
ps : I am just like a FOol just because of YOU!!!!what the hell am i doing????

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