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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 49

Been doing some revision about stats for the whole afternoon...Still lazy to start my FYP...keke....guess tomorrow only i will start!!hopefully i'm not lazy as today lar!!:D

Went Ipoh for dinner with my dearly roommate and Cheah Wei...didn't eat much because dun have the appetite and not feeling well....somemore i'm on diet now...cannot eat much!!haha~~

Suddenly i miss him....these 2 days been seeing something which was related to him when he is here....i can't stop myself from letting those memory flowing in my mind....i can't help to think of those days....i can't help to control my emotion....i can't help to be emo again....i know i am thinking too much....but i just can't help doing all these....

I can lied to all but not myself that i am still care and miss him a lot....this time i dun know i will need how long to cure and heal my pain....i can't control things....i can't expect anything...somehow i know there's still something i should face and accept but i just dun wanna face it...can anybody tell me what should i do and what is the best way????

Not feeling well and stomach pain for the whole day...dun know what happen to me....just wanna have a sweet dream and dun wan to think of anything....just wanna do my work and not to be emo....just wanna maintain our relationship as a friend but not stranger....just wanna care for him quietly and miss him deep in my heart....

I think i gotta accept it...

Good Night!!!

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