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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 52

I been lepak-ing around the house and room for the whole day...didn't get to do my revision much....keep PPS in front of lappy and also fb-ing and chatting in MSN....I just dun have the mood to start anything...:S

Then, my roomy say wanna go for a hair wash and hair cut...so i accompany her too.....At first I just wanna have a hair wash....then suddenly feel like have a hair cut after my roomy finish cutting her hair....so, being stupid and regret for the 1st time,the lady helped to cut the hair and I was like "OMG" when i look from the mirror!!!!T.T....It's SO SHORT and i am not satisfy with it....it's so ugly and i cannot accept....i feel so unset and regret because making this stupid decision!!!!Gosh~~~~~ *Just blame myself*

Gastric has been surrounding me for the 4th day already....I took medicine....but never see doctor....it still not recovering at all...it getting pain and pain whenever i eat something....It really suffering!!!T.T....how can my gastric go away????chooOOocHOooooCHoooo~~~~~

Couldn't sleep tonight....went yum char wif roomy and housemate....then, bought clothes again!!!OMG....i'm kinda broke already and it only the early of December!!!!T.T.....gonna eat "grass" for the following week already!!~~~~~ But, i still gotta shop and buy some clothes for my internship and CNY!!!!Can someone willing to sponsor me???LOLxxx...

Well, should end my post for today already and off to bed now...i dun wanna be panda again!!!!!Lastly,wanna wish my lou poh Sze Yee "Happy 21st Birthday"!!!!:):)

Tomorrow should continue my FYP and stats!!~

ps : didn't hear from you recently...hope u doing fine....and i'm missing you here....

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