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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 48

Today is another brand new day...

Went for jogging with my dearly roommate this morning...

Fresh air and nice weather.....feeling cool but dun know why i will think of those days when we went there together....those memories in my mind....it hurts a lot....i just wish IF there is another chance.....

Then, i skipped my Moral class...lolx but i still went to uni to settle some stuff...:P:P

Whole day never do anything again....because i'm just not in the mood....cannot sleep cannot eat....just no appetite and insomnia~~~~~~~T.T

My dearly roommate bring me to steamboat at night.....just 2 of us but i'm feeling glad because she really treat me good and accompany me and listen to me whenever i'm sad or down....Thanks a lot to her and also thanks for the support that she gave....Appreciate a lot!!!;)

And of cuz the others like YeeYing and Lee Peng also gave me many mental support!!thanks gurlssss....i really appreciate a lot....give me some time and i will be fine...and i promise i will!!!

Went G2 to have fun awhile and also Sing K to release the stress and unhappy thoughts.....Feeling better now i guess!!:D

Tomorrow gotta start my FYP and start revision already....time is running out now....OH NO.....there's still so many journals n article to be read!!!!!but,GAMBATEH!!!i know i can do it!!:)

Nothing special today...but i'm hoping for Christmas to come again after visiting G2 where Desmond was decorating Christmas stuff everywhere in G2....i love christmas....like before AGAIN!!!:))....last year i had a good one but this year everything is going to different again....BUt, no worries....im always used to a this kind of situation whereby i gotta be alone during christmas.....those memories.....it will still remain as memories....;))

Good night and i shall off to bed early today so that i can start my work early tomorrow....Hopefully everyone will have a nice weekend...and for me, even though in Kampar....i will have my weekends as joyful as possible^.^

ps : hope you enjoy ur trip this weekend and have more rest before u are back to your work....even though i may be nobody here to care but i just wanna care for you unless you wanna me to leave....

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