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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 63

Today exam finish at 11.30am but me 11am then pass up the paper and quickly come out from the exam hall already....too many things that i forget....the cause of lack of sleep i guess!!!

Been driving back from kampar...then fetch my friend go back to Cheras and then go Kg Subang fetch my ji mui  then come back home and went out yum char again with the gangs....:P...It was fun sitting together and chit-chat among each other.....happy to see Yee Ying, Cheah Wei, William bro,Sook Man,Elaine and their bf's.....Guess next time we hardly will have the time being together already!!!Appreciate it:))

Guess what??I have not been sleeping for more than 24 hours already....yet i dun feel tired at all!!!!OMG....i dunno what happen><"...just can't close my eye and let my mind clear....*HELP PLS*

Not going to explain more in details bout today....and lastly, just wanna wish "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"to him!!!Hope he will have a good day~

Take care lor!!!xoxo

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