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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 66

Today is a great outing day with my ji muis,Sun and Peng...
Went Pyramid again!!XD *although is a boring place for us but we still always hang out there*=D
Watched "Avatar"...had lunch in Kim Gary....had dinner in Sakae Sushi....then SHOPPING time!!!~~~
No appetite recently....rice couldn't be finished not even half when in KG...and then dinner time also never really eat><"...dun feel hungry....but dun feel well also:S:S
Then then...today i bought 2 dress!!!!!LOLsss....a white one and a RED dress!!!!!still remember the previous post i said i saw it???Yup....i BOUGHT it!!!!*happy happy*
Can't believe we actually stay in Pyramid from 12pm till 10pm...><"
Well, tired after the whole day outing....Took some nice pictures of the deco in Pyramid too..:):)
Should stop writing here already because dun really feel well now!!!
ps: is hard to pretend...i'm tired....
pss : wish Yee Ying will have a fun trip to Taiwan...
psss : this is the way you treating me now....*heartbreaks*
pssss : MUMMY, hope you can recover soon!!!!!:((

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