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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday To "YOU"!!

This is a special post just about "you"...i hope you have the time to read it!!!:)

Today is your birthday, last year i am too late to know you on your birthday...but this year we met each other and also go through some happy and sorrow times together...Unfortunately we still unable to celebrate together...Guess this is what we called as " faith" bah!!Time really flies, it's almost a year we know each other already....
Well, the purpose i write this for you is because i'm confuse what to buy for you or anything....I think the best thing i can give you is "our memories" being together for the past few months....Every single day every single hour and minute....I have you being together with me...That was the most happy moments for me...Although we cannot meet each other everyday but we still have internet and phone...how great that we are waiting to talk to each other every single day...how great the time when you can come here to find me...how great the time i got the chance to go home to meet you....Those days is the most happy days in my Uni life....I have you helping me in assignments....I have you to listen to me when i'm sad....I also have you whenever i need you....and this makes me feel so proud being together with you!!!Guess you dun know that i never be proud to have a relationship with my past....I dun know why...You just simply so special for me that i wanna keep this relationship....
I and you know that we both are from different background...Sometimes is hard for you to accept my thinking ...Sometimes we do have argument just because the different opinion and thinking...but you will still listen to me and told me many inspiration words to continue....I feel great being together with you every time...Maybe too many difficulties and differences between us....that's why things ended up like now i guess....Once, i been blaming myself for not being a good gf but i guess u and i know that the problem is not just from one but both of us should take the responsibility right???
Dun worry, i am not hoping any return from you anymore...What u had read is just my small small thoughts when i feel alone...Maybe this is just me who always like to think a lot of things and make things to complicated....Sorry for always troubling you and everything i had done before....Maybe you are right, what i do i am hoping for at least a return...But everything that been done will not necessary have a return!!!Maybe i am expecting too much at times thats why too many misunderstand between us....After you told me this, guess is just time for me to stop and let go things....I promise, no matter how hard it will going to be....i will not think about the "problem" between us anymore!!!I am officially letting go!!!!!!
By now, we are just a normal friends like others....Hope we will still maintain the friendship....Thank you for appreciate everything if u really did....At least, let me feel that is worth it to do everything for you!!!:).....Not going to hope...not going to think....Things will just has an ending now....
No matter what,i'm happy to know you...appreciate everything u did...the love and care that u gave for me before....I sincerely wish you Good luck in everything!!!Lastly, Happy Birthday to You!!!!Hope you will have a nice day on ur bday!~~
Take care and Cheers^.^
Thank you.
ps : hope you like the cake!

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