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Friday, July 30, 2010

Hospital Kampar =.=

Since  the 3 years of studying in Kampar, I think I had break my record of going to the hospital ever in my life....This time what happen again?? Yeah, last 2 night, my right hand accidentally hit the wall and my toilet door...and it cause a hand misplace on it!!!T.T *ouch pain lar*

Funny right? I know many of them wondering what the hell am I doing till it became so serious....Seriously, I am not sure about it too!!! Even the doctor in the hospital also asked me what happened with me and my roomy doing at the EARLY MORNING of 4am??? I am so paiseh you know???? =(

Luckily after the X-ray on the second day, I am alright already although still feeling numb on the hand....Temporary cannot write and drive because feeling a little pain still....guess that next time I really have to be careful on my right hand as this time cause a little serious injure on it!!! *pity me*

Btw, gotta thanks to Roomy, Elaine, Stacy and Brian that night which help to calm me down....Luckily you guys are there for me....If not I guess i am pain till faint on that time already!!!! Thanks for the concern from all and also blesses from everyone!!! I will be more careful and take care till it is fully recover!!!!~

That emo night makes me even feel like going back home....I cried silently....because I really miss my home and family and friends! I called mummy and she even scold me back because of not taking good care of myself...luckily daddy called me and he even makes me smile and care for me! I'm touch! I really think that my family are still the best for me no matter what happened!! Thank you Mum and Dad!!!!*muacks*

I have a wish right now....which is I want to go home next week!!!!!~ I can't wait to go HOME!!!!!!!!!!~
It's 6am in the morning and I shall go to bed now.... :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random thought in mind

Randomness of me, 
I just fee like going home now!!!!T.T
Escaping from all the reality and unhappy problems....
Hard to breath....hard to sleep too....
OMG! can anyone tell me what shall I do???? =(

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ipoh Jusco outing with them =)

Went to have movie marathon with Priya, Wynken, Jeremy and Chris in Jusco, Ipoh today...
The 1st movie was Inception!!!Nice movie though with good recommend from all of us!!! :)
I would rate 8/10 for this! ^^
I still love Leonardo Dicaprio :P
and this movie is from the director of " Dark Knight"...
The mind game in one's dream...
It's something relating to psychology too...*hehe*
After that, we actually watch Eclipse, which is the Twilight 3rd episode.....
WOW! I still love Edward the most!!~
and there's a favorite quote from Belle " I love you, but I love him more"....
Guess the girls out there gotta learn from her already...
I would say that this is better than New Moon as this is not that boring as the previous one... =)
And for this, I would rate 6/10...
And yeah, we actually went to play Bowling before the movie starts.....
I guess this is the 1st time of playing after few yearsssssssss....
I still so suck at this,
gotta train more already!!!wakakakaka~
and here is some of the photos that been taken for the day!!!XD
The girls : Me and Priya
The guys : Chris, Jeremy, Weng Kien

Me with them 
Haha!! This is the movie ticket of the 2 movies for our outing!!!^^
Oh gosh, I am so tired now and need to off to bed already.....
Good Night Everyone^^

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I can hear the Graduation moment already~

Today is our class taking the our graduation photo...
And this means that we are almost close to our graduation in UTAR after 3 years of studying here....
I can feel the happiness of everyone already...
I guess it's because everyone are excited to finish the study life and achieve their Degree holder....
For me, I am happy that I am going to graduate already but in the same time I also feel sad because I am going to miss my branch of friends and also study life with everyone....
Really hope we will enjoy the last few months being together and we always appreciate what we have while we are together, right?? :)
Peeps, is glad to have you guys with me for these 3 years....
Lastly, Gambateh everyone!!!!~
-Psychology Year 3 T3 class-
 Specially thanks to 19 of you : Jeremy(Class rap), Hui Xin(Course rap), Priya, Chee Choon, Weng Kien, Chris, Mei Jing, Xin Ruy, Regine, Ah Pao, Zen Chit, Lawrence, Christabel, Brama, Mytheli, Nacha, Zheng Rong, Cindy,  and Kean Siang,
Here's some candid shot of us of the day!!! :P
And last but not least, this is my favourite camwhore pics of all....:P

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Song for You and Me..

"I'm Moving On"

I've dealt with my ghosts
and I've faced all my demons
Finally content with a past I regret
I've found you find strength in your moments of weakness
For once I'm at peace with myself
I've been burdened with blame,
trapped in the past for too long
I'm movin' on
I've lived in this place and I know all the faces
Each one is different but they're always the same
They mean me no harm but it's time that I face it
They'll never allow me to change
But I never dreamed home would end up where I don't belong
I'm movin' on
I'm movin' on
At last I can see life has been patiently waiting for me
And I know there's no guarantees, but I'm not alone
There comes a time in everyone's life
When all you can see are the years passing by
And I have made up my mind that those days are gone
I sold what I could and packed what I couldn't
Stopped to fill up on my way out of town
I've loved like I should but lived like I shouldn't
I had to lose everything to find out
Maybe forgiveness will find me somewhere down this road
I'm movin' on
I'm movin' on
I'm movin' on
Dear you, this is an unsent mail from me to you...
 All these days, thank you and sorry for everything that I had done on you, They are right, I know I am not the right one for you. I tried everything and changed myself just because of you...I used to hate people who smokes a lot, used to dislike people always go to club or pool a lot, there's so many doubt and differences on us since the day we together! Because of you, I changed. And for now, I am addicted in all those activities that I used to dislike it a lot. Can't help myself from stopping because all those places will automatically reminds me of you. The night we met each other. It's also the another changes in my life. Never thought that I could ever wait until now because of you. The first time in my life I can feel the love for you compared all my past relationship. Therefore, everything will just be an illusion already. You had move on with your life. You had found a better girl for yourself. You had your career and your happiness. While me here, I lost everything since the day you leave me. Now, I know I had changed to what you used to love a lot. Changed to what I used to hate a lot. I choose to changed to a different me so that I can hoping there's a person like you will appear in my life. The shadows on you always follow whenever I go. Even the night I met a guy who have the similarities with you. My first intention of getting to know him is to give myself another hope again so that I could let you go. Unfortunately, things ended up in the same, And there's something in heart whereby I never dare to tell anyone before. I felt guilty and regret because I treat him as you on that night. I dunno whether I had fall for him or it's just an illusion of you in my mind. There's so many things will just remain unknown anymore. I guess I am tired of everything already. I dun want to be crazy anymore just like last week in Barroom. My first time ever feeling drunk after few bottles of Heineken. The worst ever experience in my life, I am down. I am unhappy. I am angry. I am speechless too. That day someone told me the truth and on that time only I wake up from this beautiful dream. So many days so many months had passed. The trust on you just totally break my heart into million of pieces in that moment. Then only I realize that all these while I been trapped in all your lies and live in suffering because I choose to trust myself even though how hard there's clearly pictures shown on me. Finally, I gotta wake up and move on. I gotta move on even though there's million of unwillingness in my heart of putting down the burden in my heart. I had crazy enough for the past 7 weeks of my new semester already. I know I shall keep everything in somewhere in my heart so that I can continue my journey of my life. There's still many undone work waiting for me already. I am lack of time already. I know I shall go now. And with sincere heart of mine, I hope that you are happy with you new girl and also your life. No worries about me anymore because I need to grow up and be more independent already. I am not going to let myself depend on you anymore. Dear you, I am sorry and thank you for all the good and bad memories. You know how much I love you. You know how much I miss you. Therefore, I shall wake up and move on with my life already!!! Baby, take care please!
*this is the best memories you gave to me*
And, this is my favorite pics of all *You and Me*

独角戏 -- 许茹芸


Highlights of the Week!!!!^^

Here is some highlights for the past a week....Had fun and joy in this week! Anyway, thanks to all my beloved friends and housemates ~ Love ya all!!^^
Elaine ^^
This is my dear roomy birthday on 5/7/10!!! Her bf actually asked me to help him to buy a dozen of flowers for her....Haha!!XD At least, this time we actually surprise her because she never thought that she will receive that....:P Btw, we also help her to celebrate her early birthday in Ipoh! :)
On the same day, we also helped her to celebrate when dinner time in Vegas! Can you see the BIG BIG BURGER???XD It's for 4 persons..... See how happy is her :P Btw, I still wanted to wish her Happy Birthday and Dream Come True Always!~ Cheers^^
Later on, me and Stacy actually did something crazy on that night!!!! My first time ever craziest thing in my life....Actually I was unhappy and moody after I knew the truth from a friend.... ); Well, after that night in Barroom, I think I had to be firm on my decision already! I had also promised myself and move on with my life....Life still goes on and I shall move on already......
YooHoo....then Friday afternoon went Jusco,Ipoh with Sherine and Cindy....Shopping is our love of course!!!! Spent quite a lot too....Gosh, I am so broke already!!!!! ):
Our night never stop here....and it's our ladies night out with the guys!!!:)) * you know where I mean,right?*
Saturday again, and our ladies out night again to K-box for Singing session at the midnight...Had lots of fun with the girls of course, but too bad that Yee Ying and Elaine can't join us!!!! Next time, next time we shall all go together gather lorrr!!!!XD
Cindy, Sherine, Me
Cindy, Stacy, Sherine
Sherine, Mandy, Cindy
Cindy and Stacy
And finally....Today is Sunday....I suddenly had the thought of getting a new image for myself....So I decided to went for a hair cut and also dye my hair!!!:P Wakaka....photos will be upload soon! *Stay tune*
After a week of craziness....now I shall back to my assignment mode and pay attention in my studies already!!!! I know there's still some missing parts but I am sure that I am able to fix it and go on with my life..... Let's just work hard together!!!!!! 
Our slogan : *Work Hard, Play Hard*
*New updates*
*My new hair color and hair style*winks*

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lost and found?

I am lost in somewhere...
Anyone willing to help to find me back???
Losing direction of what I should do in life....
Baby, can you pls help me out???
Gosh...what can I do???
* it's just not the time yet*

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wake me up before it comes to the end...

I been escaping many problems these few days... been doing nothing and leave my assignment away from me so that I could be more happier (I guess)... Unfortunately I found that it is still not an effective way for me to release my anger nor sad and desperation and even though facing the reality of what had happened recently....
I been doing stupid things these few days.... Went clubbing and drinking session....
I feel "happy" to drink and wanted to have that kind of drunk feeling....
First time ever in my life, I feeling so tipsy and vomit...Not because I drink too much....but because I am very unhappy! I am pretty sure that I can know how sad am I that time....I just feel like getting drunk and stop thinking of what happened out there.....><
I know is time for me to face it already...
9 months had gone...
I guess is the time for myself to stop...
I need to move on.
I am pretty sure that this time I shall just disappear in his life already!
I will just F**k Off FROM YOUR LIFE!!!!!!

And I'm in love with this song by Sean Kingston..." Eenie Meenie"....
"So give me the night
To show you, hold you
Don't leave me out here dancin' alone

You can't make up your mind, mind, mind, mind, mind
Please don't waste my time, time, time, time, time
I'm not tryin' to rewind, wind, wind, wind, wind
I wish our hearts could come together as one"

Wake me up before I am falling deeper for you...
Baby, I am sorry...
Is time for us to say goodbye.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Never know that I could ever miss someone that much...

Know what???
After so long, I am still thinking of someone that is far apart from me now...
The one that I ever think of continue the journey of my life...
The one that I ever think to be together in the rest of my life...
This will be a beautiful dream of mine in my life already~
I miss him.
I miss those days.
I miss the love and care.
I miss everything.
I miss...
Never know that I could ever miss someone so badly after how many months and days....
I could never dare to think of how long should I continue these stupid act,
No turning back in time,
No else I could ever run and escape...
I wish that I could tell him how much I miss him...
How important he is in my life...

I know that he will never know about all these...
But I think I still miss him so much until I can ever find a replacement to replace him in my life....
Missing you is part of my daily routine already,
I just miss you,
Can You Hear Me???

Saturday, July 3, 2010

爱不单行 - 罗志祥

找不到人说 心里的寂寞
找不到人懂 怕黑的折磨
找不到命中注定 在一起的那个人
很多人都像我 一个人过生活

爱 只有简单笔画 却比想象复杂
我爱过几个人 也被爱过几遍
爱 是不可数的吗 为何我还相信
我在等一个人 在等我的永恒
用不完身边 泛滥的自由
开始怕孤单 是一种诅咒
羡慕我能飞的人 为何在天黑以后
还是宁愿回到 爱情那个枷锁

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Fav Quote

"You got to take the good with the bad, 
smile with the sad, 
love what you got,
 and remember what you had, 
learn to forgive but never forget, 
learn from your mistakes but never regret, 
people change, 
things go wrong, 
just remember life goes on."

* i miss you *