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Friday, July 30, 2010

Hospital Kampar =.=

Since  the 3 years of studying in Kampar, I think I had break my record of going to the hospital ever in my life....This time what happen again?? Yeah, last 2 night, my right hand accidentally hit the wall and my toilet door...and it cause a hand misplace on it!!!T.T *ouch pain lar*

Funny right? I know many of them wondering what the hell am I doing till it became so serious....Seriously, I am not sure about it too!!! Even the doctor in the hospital also asked me what happened with me and my roomy doing at the EARLY MORNING of 4am??? I am so paiseh you know???? =(

Luckily after the X-ray on the second day, I am alright already although still feeling numb on the hand....Temporary cannot write and drive because feeling a little pain still....guess that next time I really have to be careful on my right hand as this time cause a little serious injure on it!!! *pity me*

Btw, gotta thanks to Roomy, Elaine, Stacy and Brian that night which help to calm me down....Luckily you guys are there for me....If not I guess i am pain till faint on that time already!!!! Thanks for the concern from all and also blesses from everyone!!! I will be more careful and take care till it is fully recover!!!!~

That emo night makes me even feel like going back home....I cried silently....because I really miss my home and family and friends! I called mummy and she even scold me back because of not taking good care of myself...luckily daddy called me and he even makes me smile and care for me! I'm touch! I really think that my family are still the best for me no matter what happened!! Thank you Mum and Dad!!!!*muacks*

I have a wish right now....which is I want to go home next week!!!!!~ I can't wait to go HOME!!!!!!!!!!~
It's 6am in the morning and I shall go to bed now.... :)

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