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Monday, July 12, 2010

Highlights of the Week!!!!^^

Here is some highlights for the past a week....Had fun and joy in this week! Anyway, thanks to all my beloved friends and housemates ~ Love ya all!!^^
Elaine ^^
This is my dear roomy birthday on 5/7/10!!! Her bf actually asked me to help him to buy a dozen of flowers for her....Haha!!XD At least, this time we actually surprise her because she never thought that she will receive that....:P Btw, we also help her to celebrate her early birthday in Ipoh! :)
On the same day, we also helped her to celebrate when dinner time in Vegas! Can you see the BIG BIG BURGER???XD It's for 4 persons..... See how happy is her :P Btw, I still wanted to wish her Happy Birthday and Dream Come True Always!~ Cheers^^
Later on, me and Stacy actually did something crazy on that night!!!! My first time ever craziest thing in my life....Actually I was unhappy and moody after I knew the truth from a friend.... ); Well, after that night in Barroom, I think I had to be firm on my decision already! I had also promised myself and move on with my life....Life still goes on and I shall move on already......
YooHoo....then Friday afternoon went Jusco,Ipoh with Sherine and Cindy....Shopping is our love of course!!!! Spent quite a lot too....Gosh, I am so broke already!!!!! ):
Our night never stop here....and it's our ladies night out with the guys!!!:)) * you know where I mean,right?*
Saturday again, and our ladies out night again to K-box for Singing session at the midnight...Had lots of fun with the girls of course, but too bad that Yee Ying and Elaine can't join us!!!! Next time, next time we shall all go together gather lorrr!!!!XD
Cindy, Sherine, Me
Cindy, Stacy, Sherine
Sherine, Mandy, Cindy
Cindy and Stacy
And finally....Today is Sunday....I suddenly had the thought of getting a new image for myself....So I decided to went for a hair cut and also dye my hair!!!:P Wakaka....photos will be upload soon! *Stay tune*
After a week of craziness....now I shall back to my assignment mode and pay attention in my studies already!!!! I know there's still some missing parts but I am sure that I am able to fix it and go on with my life..... Let's just work hard together!!!!!! 
Our slogan : *Work Hard, Play Hard*
*New updates*
*My new hair color and hair style*winks*

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