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Sunday, October 30, 2011




年纪越大。。。很多东西也会越想不开。。。。有时在想,不快乐也要过日子,快乐也要过日子。。。为什么要在乎那么多事情啊?把自己变不快乐那么辛苦,为什么还要继续呢?哈,人就是那么的犯贱咯~~~~ 自己以为自己很强悍。。。不任何事情都啃上来。。。。最后败伤的还是自己罢了~ 那又何苦呢?:(

真的不知道自己想要的是什么了?????????现在最想要的就是离开这里,然后远走高飞~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 我该自己离开好了,因为只有这样,自己的心才能定下来。。。。。。。。然后什么都不用管了~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Children's Day! (:

Our school celebrated Children's day today....This is not my first time celebrating together with the students but I could say this is the first time being a class teacher and monitoring my lil ones and enjoy with them! Overall, I didn't get to take any pictures or whatsoever pictures as a memory for my last last time teaching in the school. Been really busy taking care my class and been serve them like a maid for the whole morning! Tired me.......>.< Actually, I am kinda disappointed and unhappy with my class student....
Nah, I know I am just demanding too much! :(

By the way, I hope all of them did enjoyed their day as well....Hope they will like the small gift and party pack that I gave them all! At here, I sincerely wish all the best to my lil kids and I hope they will success one day and hopefully they will not forget me being as their not-so-good teacher in these 1 year! 
Take care all my dears~ (:

Happy Children's Day to all my fellow kids!!!!! Cheers~ 

Monday, October 24, 2011


Do believe always!!!
I strongly agree that everything will turn good if we believe! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011


问题忽然 找到答案

你的微笑 是一个暗号
我能解读 那多美好
梦想不大 想永远停在 这一秒

重新彩绘 Oh

是你带我找到 另一个天堂
我们怀抱里的 这一个天堂
每一个梦想 有无限的快乐

相信你是我的 另一个天堂
因为你而存在 这一个天堂
爱是 直达的路线

因为你而存在 这一个天堂

每天每天 越来越爱

是你转到 同一个频道
定位我的 幸福座标
我多渺小 能爱著你 才最重要

仔细翻阅 Oh

是你带我找到 另一个天堂
我们怀抱里的 这一个天堂
每一个梦想 有无限的快乐

相信你是我的 另一个天堂
因为你而存在 这一个天堂
爱是 直达的路线

是你带我找到 另一个天堂
我们怀抱里的 这一个天堂
每一个梦想 有无限的快乐

相信你是我的 另一个天堂
因为你而存在 这一个天堂
爱是 直达的路线

因为你而存在 这一个天堂
我只想陪在你 身边

因为你而存在 这一个天堂
我只想陪在你 身边

by: 王力宏 另一个天堂 

Friday, October 21, 2011


Receive a really surprise news today...
I dun know for me,
I am just treating it as a small little tiny incident,
but I know it is a real big issue for my other colleagues....
Actually, I do have the same feeling with them though I am not interested to continue teaching in the school for the coming year, yet I know I still love to teach and mix around with the students....They really cute and adorable because they are the one who can always lighten up my day with smile and laugher! How wonderful can it be rite with all these little naughty and cuties~ 
At first, 
I wasn't sure that which decision should I take for a my better future,
At least, today I have a clear mind and I can make a clear decision that whether I should continue working for the school or continue with my studies....
It can been seen now...
No matter which is better for me, 
I hope that I will not regret with all the decision make today!
Is time for me to sit down and think....
Which country and which place should I go??
Which course is better for me?~
I know i need to face all these alone
hopefully I am really for all these to leave here to a place which I am not familiar with.....
I know all the good things will come soon!
Because the sifu say this is my " rebirth, reborn" year.....
I hope this will come to a good ending~~~~

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hang on there....

Of all the good memories in mind,
I only have a choice,
Maybe I hold on too long....
I know I shouldn't have this kind of feeling anymore....
I'm sorry I just can't control my mind to think all this.........
So then,
I guess I should really leave here as soon as possible.....
Sorry, I dun want to hurt anyone anymore 
I dun want to get hurt by anyone anymore....

Dear U, Here is some word i wish to say, I am glad to have u once in my life! U change everything in my life and this is somehow one of the good changes. Sorry for being the imperfect one when we was in ups and downs! Thank you for giving me a memorable one and thank you for accepting me as ur friend once again. I know I shouldn't think back all the old memories already....At here, I just wish we can always be friends and u know I just want to see u live happily with ur life there....Maybe I aren't the one who can understand u but I am really care for u all this while....I know that u had hide from me many things, but I know I will just pretend that I dunno anything here!~ No matter what, U know I will still care for u and be there to help and listen to all ur problems....Pls, pls I just want u to be happy...I just want u to have a good life and stay happily with ur other half!~ Dun get me wrong, I didn't mean anything...Hopefully someday u will tell me all the truth about your life there and not hide from me anymore! I dun wish to see u hiding and keeping everything inside ur heart! I wish, we can always friends and u will success in future! :) Tk care there~

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thank you....

Motivation thoughts! Meaningful!~

Who is the right person?

I still wonder....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

After the days.....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

To all my dear friends.....