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Friday, October 21, 2011


Receive a really surprise news today...
I dun know for me,
I am just treating it as a small little tiny incident,
but I know it is a real big issue for my other colleagues....
Actually, I do have the same feeling with them though I am not interested to continue teaching in the school for the coming year, yet I know I still love to teach and mix around with the students....They really cute and adorable because they are the one who can always lighten up my day with smile and laugher! How wonderful can it be rite with all these little naughty and cuties~ 
At first, 
I wasn't sure that which decision should I take for a my better future,
At least, today I have a clear mind and I can make a clear decision that whether I should continue working for the school or continue with my studies....
It can been seen now...
No matter which is better for me, 
I hope that I will not regret with all the decision make today!
Is time for me to sit down and think....
Which country and which place should I go??
Which course is better for me?~
I know i need to face all these alone
hopefully I am really for all these to leave here to a place which I am not familiar with.....
I know all the good things will come soon!
Because the sifu say this is my " rebirth, reborn" year.....
I hope this will come to a good ending~~~~

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