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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Children's Day! (:

Our school celebrated Children's day today....This is not my first time celebrating together with the students but I could say this is the first time being a class teacher and monitoring my lil ones and enjoy with them! Overall, I didn't get to take any pictures or whatsoever pictures as a memory for my last last time teaching in the school. Been really busy taking care my class and been serve them like a maid for the whole morning! Tired me.......>.< Actually, I am kinda disappointed and unhappy with my class student....
Nah, I know I am just demanding too much! :(

By the way, I hope all of them did enjoyed their day as well....Hope they will like the small gift and party pack that I gave them all! At here, I sincerely wish all the best to my lil kids and I hope they will success one day and hopefully they will not forget me being as their not-so-good teacher in these 1 year! 
Take care all my dears~ (:

Happy Children's Day to all my fellow kids!!!!! Cheers~ 

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