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Friday, April 29, 2011

You are The Wheel of Fortune

Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of 
intoxication with success

The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

This is only the 4th months and it's still counting on....

This is the 4th working months after graduate....and I already felt so stress and sick of working in this working life already....There's so many things happened in a sudden and sometimes I just dun know how to faced it. I know I shouldn't complain so much about all these but I am out of idea who and where should I release all these dissatisfying already!:(

Working life goes on the same routine everyday.....Sleep, eat, school time, tuition time and marking books.....What a really boring life in me. Hang out with the same gang of friends and meeting the same people in life....Never really have the chances to know more people and friends outside the world..... Therefore, I really think of changing this kind of life to a better and colorful life!!!! How can I get to know more friends and people outside the reality world??? How can I join different people in life to get more experience?? I wonder.......Maybe my social network is not strong enough and my communication skills is not that good too.... I guess it's a little hard for me to know more friends gua!~ T.T

I need some holiday for relaxing now.......and really can't wait for the coming school holiday!!!!! Wee~ and the most happy things is my friend and I are planning to have a trip to Kota Kinabalu!!!!!WAHAHAHAHA! *excited* Really can't wait for it and have a relaxing holiday after the hard times n hard work!~ Gonna pamper myself by rewarding something for myself and we shall wait for it soon! :D

And my target is....I will buy something for myself every month after my hard work to pamper myself! and Yeah, I bought myself a DKNY perfume last week for rewarding myself for the past 3 months working time! WOW and I love it SO much!!!<3 <3 And, I am gonna hunt for my next target for this month....kekekeke~ 
Looking forward into it ya! Good night!xoxo

This is only the 4th months and it's still counting on.... I will work harder to achieve my dreams!!!! ^.^

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Can I really don't care???

Sometimes, I just wish that I doesn't care at all....

Can I don't care at all???? :(

Monday, April 25, 2011

Do you know?

Do u know what's my feeling now??

Frankly, I would rather pretend that I do not know about anything now.......

Beautiful reasons to be happy.....

I wish to be happy everyday....


there's too much to be worried and too many to be 


Issit so hard to be happy go lucky??

Too much to be worries,

How can I deal everything with it????

How can i find reasons to be happy?

Pls teach me~

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Because you will only be the passers in my life....


牵你的手 在慌乱城市中 吻你额头 拥你在怀中 如果到老 一定不会放手 紧紧拥抱 表情都看不到 我想给的 你不再需要 爱情灭了 想放放不掉 我们的爱犯了什么错 眼泪又在不停流 是不是谁 给的不够 还是谁放得太多 我们的爱犯了什么错 不能向前 不能退后 谁应该原谅谁 变成爱的结果 这结果是谁的错 我感觉到 却假装不知道 以为可能 会变得更好 爱情太高 谁都到不了 我们的爱犯了什么错 眼泪又在不停流 是不是谁 给的不够 还是谁放得太多 我们的爱犯了什么错 不能向前 不能退后 谁应该原谅谁 变成爱的结果 这结果是谁的错 我们的爱犯了什么错 眼泪又在不停流 是不是谁 给的不够 还是谁放得太多 我们的爱犯了什么错 不能向前 不能退后 谁应该原谅谁 变成爱的结果 这结果是谁的错 谁应该原谅谁 变成爱的结果 我们都没有错

* Firstly, I am happy to receive your reply and the call the other night. Thank you for always being the understanding one who can brighten up my day with those advise and supporting words!!! U never know how these words mean a lot to me....and although it's just a msg from you but I am feeling energetic for the whole day and could have complete my daily task with just a simple reply from you.... I never think that this just influence my mood so much....However issit, I knew that I am not going to have any hope again in future....Anyway, sorry for the late disturb and everything.... I know I had hang on too long already....I know I shouldn't relay on you anymore whenever I feeling helpless.... I will try to be more independent and success with flying results! In case you dun know, I guess I had gone through many ups and downs alone since the day you left me alone here.....I thank you for that because without you, I guess I am still the same old me right now! Thank you! =)*
Lastly, best wishes from me always! Take care and all the best in your career and future! xoxo

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dear LORD, I am lost in somewhere....

Working life seems to be challenging each and every day.... There's so many things happens in a sudden whereby I still couldn't figure it out what is right and wrong! I am feeling so uncertain and lost because I didn't know which way should I go now and where can I stay now.....

Yesterday ( Friday ), was a really disappointed day of me being teaching for quite some times..... I really dun know whether it's my problem or what.... I dun know how should I faced it and how can I go on with it already! I thought I tried my best and I thought I was given a good chance to learn more to be a better teacher....Unfortunately, I am wrong! wrong! wrong!!!! I can hardly understand what's in the parent's mind nowadays and did they ever notice that the core problem is actually from them?????

I am really heartbreaking.... and yet I still pretending that I am strong and tough enough to handle it! I pretend to be good and happy in front of people, even my close ones.... I just dun like them to worried about me and I dun like them saying me wrong and justice that I am the one who is wrong in the first place. They did it always because I usually dun really explain the whole stories. What they knew is just partial from the stories. Yet I didn't want to tell everything bad from the others. All I can do is by blaming myself for not being so good in my career! I guess I am just a deep failure in it.......

I didn't know what I can do....My mind is confusing and I am thinking hard to get the best for myself. Now what? Should I just give up this and find a permanent job? Should I continue and suffer like this??????~ 

Luckily my ji muis, Peng and Amanta was always there with me when I'm down and emotional..... We went to Sunway Pyramid again for lunch and then shoppings! WOW! I spent RM200+ in only just 5 minutes without thinking much.....and in total, I spent around RM 300 in a day to cheer up myself!!!!~ Gosh, I know I am a shopaholic always because most of my money spent in buying clothes and accessories!!!! AHA, who cares rite? As long as I'm happy with it!:P

Went to my old primary classmate's birthday in her center. Met old friends, long lost friends, Secondary friends, F6 friends and also new friends! I love this kind of environment that we can always get to gather with each other and talk about our old times..... How nice and memorable to mentioned back about what's happened on us at the past.....*TEEHEE*  As least, I did spent my time with adorable friends! =)

Last but now least, I would like to thanks to Tong and the "HE" who talked to me and give advice to me in solving my problems. I never think that "we" could talk back again like this and I still can clearly remember this kind of feelings between US last time! Oh well, I didn't meant anything and all I wish is hoping u can be the one that I can talked to when I'm in trouble. At least, after talking to u makes me feel really good and cooling down!*Arigato*

I know everything is gonna be fine soon and I will always work hard to achieve my dreams!!!!!! Tata!!xoxo

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dear brother...

Dear brother,

Its the 3 months you are in Australia already and now only i realize that how much I missed you when you are not around at home. I am feeling so boring because there's no one to talk to me and no one argue or fight with me....I started to miss the days you were at home and at least I have someone that can talk to besides mummy and daddy.....

Although I didn't get to talk to you everyday or what, yet I also miss you here....Hope that you are okay alone there and please do take care yourself!!! Be good and study hard there....2 years is really fast to get over it! I know you can definitely success and complete your degree course over there! Good luck and all da best kay....

I miss you, brother. Please come back here at the end of the year or else I wish to go over to Australia to find you during December! Take care=) *hugs*

Good luck and gambateh in ya studies kay! We all love you here!<3

Yours sister,
-Karen GYY- 

因为爱情 - 陈奕迅 王菲



因为爱情 不会轻易悲伤
因为爱情 简单的生长

因为爱情 怎么会有沧桑
因为爱情 在那个地方


因为爱情 不会轻易悲伤
因为爱情 简单的生长

因为爱情 怎么会有沧桑
因为爱情 在那个地方


Friday, April 8, 2011

I found it meaningful...

"One day, he’s going to text you. That day, you’re going to realize he means nothing to you. He’s just another guy. Just another guy, you wasted your time on, tried to look good for, and tried to impress. He’s just another bad memory. You’re going to remember how much you like him, and miss him, but at the same time how much you hate him. Instead of getting all excited over this one message, that can mean the world to you, but nothing to him, just click erase and move on with your life. He’s not worth it".

Thursday, April 7, 2011

In life we always believe....

I am looking forward for a better day...
A day whereby I can totally forget all the sorrows moment and the day where i can get fully excitement!!!! 
I thought I found you...
But I guess I am wrong...
Yet, I am still searching...
to hope that I can found a better someone in my life to hold my hands and goes on with life....
Are you the one?? =)

Saturday, April 2, 2011


我自己发觉自己越来越失败了啦。。。做什么事情都不怎么顺利。。。做任何东西都不被重视。。。做什么都不怎么样的。。。到底是怎么啦?:(  真的有那么差劲吗?难道就没有其他选择的路吗?为什么最近那么多事情发生啊??????????