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Thursday, April 28, 2011

This is only the 4th months and it's still counting on....

This is the 4th working months after graduate....and I already felt so stress and sick of working in this working life already....There's so many things happened in a sudden and sometimes I just dun know how to faced it. I know I shouldn't complain so much about all these but I am out of idea who and where should I release all these dissatisfying already!:(

Working life goes on the same routine everyday.....Sleep, eat, school time, tuition time and marking books.....What a really boring life in me. Hang out with the same gang of friends and meeting the same people in life....Never really have the chances to know more people and friends outside the world..... Therefore, I really think of changing this kind of life to a better and colorful life!!!! How can I get to know more friends and people outside the reality world??? How can I join different people in life to get more experience?? I wonder.......Maybe my social network is not strong enough and my communication skills is not that good too.... I guess it's a little hard for me to know more friends gua!~ T.T

I need some holiday for relaxing now.......and really can't wait for the coming school holiday!!!!! Wee~ and the most happy things is my friend and I are planning to have a trip to Kota Kinabalu!!!!!WAHAHAHAHA! *excited* Really can't wait for it and have a relaxing holiday after the hard times n hard work!~ Gonna pamper myself by rewarding something for myself and we shall wait for it soon! :D

And my target is....I will buy something for myself every month after my hard work to pamper myself! and Yeah, I bought myself a DKNY perfume last week for rewarding myself for the past 3 months working time! WOW and I love it SO much!!!<3 <3 And, I am gonna hunt for my next target for this month....kekekeke~ 
Looking forward into it ya! Good night!xoxo

This is only the 4th months and it's still counting on.... I will work harder to achieve my dreams!!!! ^.^

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