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Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 8

It's Sunday again...woke up very early again and never really had a good sleep....><"

Been sitting infront of my lappy since morning till now except for lunch, dinner and meeting....so many work need to be done and i'm still rushing to finish it!!!T.T....i gonna vomit or jump in the lake already!!!!!!my eyes also very pain because facing the laptop too long yet my work are not done because i still lack of many information!!!*help*

Sigh...weekend is over and luckily i choose not to go back home...if not i will feel more guilty and regret.....at least now i am done with what is urgent and there's still lots of things to be done by this week!!!!I guess i got no chance to go home AGAIN this week....Friday have 2 event held in my Uni...i'm also one of the committee of both event:S:S....Busy sial~~~ so,sorry my dear Peng that i can't join u guys for the Haloween party already....I wanted to join u guys so much but i think i should better complete my task and duty and work before i can enjoy!!!:S:S

Nothing much happen today because i did not go anywhere except for lunch and dinner time!!!!got no time to do other things also lar of cuz!!!~AikssS......a little guilty because yesterday didn't do much and today last minute again....>

Finally,today i can't stop myself to take my phone and send him a sms!!!I dunno why....I just wanted to listen to his voice so badly so that i can focus on my work later on....and Yeah.....He did call me awhile and i feel better talking to him and finally can continue my work!!!:):)....BUT, in the other way, i also feel so upset because....I know he is so enjoying there without me!!!T.T....I can't control my tears again after talking to him....I just dun know why....in another way, he is back to his life again...but i'm still stuck here daydreaming.....I'm so useless right???Why can't  i just leave everything aside and move on????T.T....i wish i know the answer too!!!T.T...

Anyway, knowing he is still good there and i have nothing much to say about it also....I'm just nobody to control or stop him from doing anything he like....Or maybe what i can do is just care for him silently and.....support him here lor....that's what i can try my best to do!!!!!~~Well, i'm not forcing anything....just see how things will go again bah....~~~and you know i'm those type of people who will not give up until the end right???....So.....let's see how things go after this~~~~

It's 12 something already and tml 8am class again....I'm really tired enuff for today and my eyes getting painful after sitting infront of the laptop for so many hours!!!!My final year project topic..........finally i decide the topic and hopefully everything goes fine!!!:):)

Good night!!!

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