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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 11

It rather a short short one before i can go to bed....Just finished my "proposal" for FYP and back from lawrence's house!~

It's really a tiring day although class started on 12pm today but today got meeting in school until 10 something at night and i skipped my dinner again!!!:S:S HrrrmMmm..... really busy busy busy and lots of things to do because this friday got 2 event...Tomorrow gotta stay until 8pm for meeting and rehearsal AGAIN and this time i'm not sure whether when the meeting will end and what time i will be staying in UTAR~~~LOLx....

Raining non-stop for the whole day....and it's really make me feel so sick!!!~ my dizzy are back:S:S....and i dun feeling well again but i have no chance to take a rest or stop everything that i needed to do....and i tell myself that i got to tahan until fri after everything ends....!!!SO,GAMBATEH!!!:P:P

OH well....lastly....i'm just wanna say that i'm a little moody and emo after something happened.....guess it's nothing important for anyone but it just for myself...so i dun wanna write it out here!!!Finally, i gotta sleep now and tomorrow morning gotta go to school to pass up my proposal to my adviser!!!Nitess~~

ps : i miss you...
      i'm sorry....

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