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Friday, October 16, 2009

1Malaysia@Campus Competition

First of all, sorry for this kinda late post...

This is all about 5 of US who had took part in the 1Malaysia@campus competition which organized by our PM and UPM...This is a proposal writing about activities that can help to promote 1Malaysia among University students....ME, LAWRENCE,PRIYA,FATIN and ANDREW from UTAR which come from different ethnic and studying different course took part in this competition!!!!This competition is among the IPTA and IPTS in Malaysia. We are lucky that we are one of the winner of this competition!!!!;):)

Last Sat( 10/10/09),5 of us went to UPM for the closing ceremony and prize giving ceremony....it was a great experience for me because this is the first time i can represent my own uni(UTAR) to participate this kind of event...If wanna know more information about it, pls do feel free to visit our UTAR website and search for the "Honours and Awards"..
Please visit :

Lastly,this is some of the picture that we took in  Pusat Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Sultan Salehuddin Abdul Azizi Shah,University Putra Malaysia...

*click for larger image*

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