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Monday, October 12, 2009

Keep Holding ON...

     5 more days and i'm going back again...I missed here.....a lot....

     Class gonna start on next week again....result is going to out in this few days...I'm nervous.....if this time i fail, guess i going to say Bye-bye to myself already....I admit i did not do the best for this time, i will take those consequences by not study hard...T.T

      Well, things are not going to be the same anymore... Everything changed...even people around me....I can't stopped them by doing so...I can't even stop a single thing to changed...This time, i am back to my own world and will soon wearing my evil mask again to face everyone...I did not want to think back of those happy days...because i know i am still not brave enough to face it!!

       The strong feeling i am having now is getting lesser and lesser by day and day....Not to say that i changed, maybe is just a symptoms of giving up and let it be...is the faith who decide where i stand and where i going to be...And i will accept everything and start my own live alone again!!!! I'm not going to depend on other people anymore....I'm gonna be independent and face everything by myself!!!! I know it's going to be hard and tough, just give me some time...



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