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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 14

First of all, wanna wish everyone " HAPPY HALLOWEEN"!!!and wanna wish my friend "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!!:):)

Been busy for the past few days...staying in Uni until late night because of meeting and rehearsal of the Charity event which held on yesterday....It was really a success night!!!!More than 500 students of UTAR came for the event to support!!!UTAR students of Kampar campus....you guys really did a GREAT job and you guys really make everyone change their perceptions towards the attitude of Kampar students!!!THUMBS UP!!:D

Before this event, everyone in the committee including our DSA officer which in-charge of this event also feel nervous and scare because at the beginning the respond from the students are not very good....Besides that, we did not have much income and we only have a RM2-300 from the sponsorship....Everything need to be cut down from the cost and we also afraid that there will be a deficit after the event!!!THANk gOd that it's amazing that we really make it "GRAND" for the first time in UTAR Kampar Campus!!!!!!:):)

While everyone enjoying the event or food carnival in the cafeteria, the pity me gotta run from Block C to Block A and then Block A to Block C again...and also for few times...all ALONE running in the darkness...because there's also another activity which held in Block A,which i'm also one of the organizing committee!!!This is a Peer Helper (PHP) Gathering for all the PHP members of UTAR campus....It was also surprisingly SUCCESS even though there is not many members attended the gathering!!!But, the activities and the effects of the gathering is really good and everyone did enjoy the few hours of being together!!!:):)...Glad to see everyone enjoying and had fun in the activity that we had prepared earlier....It also touches my heart because everyone is so co-operative and fully involve themselves in the gathering!!!GOOD JOB,PHP members!!!^.^

The pity me need to take care of the 2 event and i wanna thanks to all the committee because they really friendly and i also glad to know more friends in UTAR!!:D:D Hrmm...although it is really tiring after everything ends, but i'm happy for all the success and the experience that i gain from this 2 event!!!!*thanks a lot*

Well, i still cannot control my emotion for the past 2 weeks....I still feel unstable and easily get EMO!!!!Of course, there's many reason behind all this....I really dunno when will everything ends???T.T...I'm really suffering....I know I gotta face it by myself....I know I gotta be strong....I know I gotta accept everything.....BUT, i really cannot control myself from being down all the time....><....Sometimes, it's really hurt to see things changed badly and i couldn't control it or even hold on.....I did my best....I tried.....but I still FAIL!!!!!!!T.T

I'm really being EVIL for this semester....I dun care about how others say about me....I dun care about other's opinion....I dun even care about those who wanna hurt me....I'm just staying in my own world....The lesser i will talk....the lesser i will explain....the lesser i will care....and also the lesser i will bother!!!!!I couldn't being so generous because i dun wanna always care about other's feeling and in the same time also hurting myself!!!!I'm being caring and good to my friends....but what is the reward?????There's NOTHING but BETRAYED!!!!i'm quiet and doesn't want to know more not because i dun care about the problem....is I feel hopeless being such a fool in front of them!!!!!DO NOT THINK THAT I DON'T KNOW ABOUT ANYTHING....I'm just dun wanna F**king CARE!!!!!DUN TRY TO TAKE THE ADVANTAGE ON ME!!!DUN MESS UP WITH ME!!!!YOU GOTTA PAY FOR IT LATER!!!!@.@

* if you think i'm just nobody for you....i'll accept it....i know i'm not good enough for you but i did tried my best in everything!!!!if you think i shouldn't care for you anymore, then just kick me off from your life!!!*
ps: i wanna go home now!!!T.T
ps : i can't stop missing you...
pss : i think i'm going crazy soon!!!><

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