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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 10

Today not going to write much thing here because i'm extremely tired now!!!!Been busy busy busy for the whole day....went meeting and everything....><....Too many things waiting for me-.-"

It's really tiring busying for 2 activities because i need to help for both side....One side need to sell ticket to lecturer and also ask ppl to buy ticket to our Mooncake festival on Fri and the other side need to ask the PHP members to join our gathering on Fri as well...:S:S....ARghhhhh....how i wish everything is END now!!!!T.T

Tomorrow still got meeting and rehearsal for the performance during mooncake festival......then need to do some preparation fro the PHP gathering...and the most important thing is my FYP!!!!Gosshhhhh....seriously i havent even start anything and THURS i need to show my adviser already!!!!My topic...aikkkssss.....still in confuse mood...what shall i do???what can i do????what i need to do????I can't find information that i want and i can't access to the database....and i can't found any database for my topic....how am i going to show my picky adviser!!!a little regret now to choose her liao because i heard my other friends who get the other lecturer seems to be better than us....at least they no need to pass up any "proposal" or even no need to be rush for the topic because we actually can have the time period until week 4!!!Then why my adviser so "takut mati"????GRrrRRRR@.@

Nothing much already and i wanna go to bed now....Although tml 12pm class but i still need to wake up early to do my things!!!T.T....so,everyone....GOOD NIGHT!!!:):)

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