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Friday, October 2, 2009


YupPpiEeeee......I'm back to Subang Jaya...my home sweet home....

Today is kinda tiring day because was driving for 5 hours (including the long journey from Kampar)....dun know what happen today because something was not really right when i all the way back from Kampar...kinda bek cek...sesat jalan...wrong way...turning here and there....searching here and there....all the way back to my house!!!I almost give up u know...:S

Well,after lunch with Weng Kien and Tommy,back home straight way SLEEP!!!!Oh MY lovely bed....i miss it so much!!!so nice to sleep + the coldness of my air-cond!!!HAHA!!XD...slept for few hours already but still feel lazy and sleepy!!!

After that,went dinner with HiM and then went for a walk....i am happy to see him actually....and i hope he having the same feeling too!!!almost 1 month never meet already...i really wish to stay longer together with him...but i also know that he is tired because he got lots of work to do!!!i still appreciate that he will spend some time for me....*thanks dear*....

2 weeks of holiday...i got many many plans on my mind and i wish that i can finish everything that i wanna do!!!=D...So, guys if u are free pls call me and ask me out for yum char ok??=P

Oh before i forget, i will upload some of the photos that was taken in Cameron trip!!!I'm happy and enjoy...Everyone is satisfied with it too!!!Thanks to our organizer + my lovely roommate--> ELAINE WONG!!!i hope we will have more outing again before we graduate in UTAR!!:))

Is time to sleep now because tomorrow 4 of us ( Jerm,Brian,Law and Me ) will be going to find and look for the places that we wanna have our internship!!!!!Good Night...ZzzZzz.......*huggiEssss*

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