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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dear brother...

Dear brother,

Its the 3 months you are in Australia already and now only i realize that how much I missed you when you are not around at home. I am feeling so boring because there's no one to talk to me and no one argue or fight with me....I started to miss the days you were at home and at least I have someone that can talk to besides mummy and daddy.....

Although I didn't get to talk to you everyday or what, yet I also miss you here....Hope that you are okay alone there and please do take care yourself!!! Be good and study hard there....2 years is really fast to get over it! I know you can definitely success and complete your degree course over there! Good luck and all da best kay....

I miss you, brother. Please come back here at the end of the year or else I wish to go over to Australia to find you during December! Take care=) *hugs*

Good luck and gambateh in ya studies kay! We all love you here!<3

Yours sister,
-Karen GYY- 

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