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Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 57

Another moody moody day...didn't concentrate on studies until now burning mid night oil....ishhh dunno when this kind of bad habit will not happen on me???*impossible i guess!!LOL*

I really dun know what happen to me....Just dun feel like talking....just wanna be alone.....

Well,tomorrow is my 1st paper - English for Social Science....frankly, nothing much to be read and im totally ignore this paper~~~anywayz, just hope i can do well in this paper because it's ENGLISH and i am hoping for an A to improve my CGPA this semester!!!!!*GAMBATEH TO ALL MY FRIENDS too!!!*

Everyone is not in the exam mood this semester...but still, gotta work hard in statistic!!!><"

Lastly, guess i should have a sleep now and wake up early tomorrow to have a look of  those notes again!!!and....GOOD NIGHT to all...:))

ps : Yeah!!!YEE YING will be back tomorrow and i can hang out together and chit-chat with her!!!!:D
pss : didn't contact him this few days....wondering what is he doing there:S:S
psss: I guess i'm thinking too much!!><

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