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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 41

Went Summit Popular book fair with my dear dear Peng in the afternoon....it was really pack and hardly can breath...:S:S...but there's a lot of books that are very cheap!!:P

Then, went back took a nap while dear dear using my laptop to online....kinda tired because slept very late last nite and cannot sleep well again....bad dream again...ish....what happen to me lately???

After dinner with my parents, went for a movie with a friend and we watched " Christmas Carol"....No ticket for 2012 nor twlight....But, the movie wasn't that bad lar....;):)

Tomorrow gotta study and start my FYP already!!!!T.T

So. i'm going to bed now and continue tml lor^.^

ps : I'm happy that i can see you today....so heartbreak when i see u in tired face....Anyway, im not going to ask for more....it's enough for everything if everyday can be like today!!!i always appreciate it!!!pls take care...

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