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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 17

Woke up late today and i missed my 1st class of tutorial for this semester...><"....Felt so tired this morning because I didn't have enough rest for the day before...So, i decided to skipped Ms.Sim tutorial class.....

Nothing special happened today and many people seems to back to normal again....some still not in a good mood but some is already better than before.....For me, i still feel confuse because i still wondering am i dreaming or i'm in reality???:S:S...maybe because i had a bad dream last night...thats why think a little too much today~~

Today i decided not to attend her funeral because i have lots of things waiting for me to be done...T.T...well, i'm sorry about that and i know she will know about it!!!She will forgive me,right???Life still go on but she will always in my heart no matter what is going on later.....I should have learn to be more optimistic and acceptance about this news now and go on with my life!!!!*Sorry KELLY that i will not attend your funeral...hope you can forgive me and understand me!!and I know you surely will and I hope you will rest in peace*

Am really tired today but couldn't have a nice sleep....Thinking of too many things....especially her and "him"....No respond from him today and I know this time I'm also thinking and hoping too much already....Well, I should know that is the ending right...is just the matter that i dun want to accept and faced it.....Although a little unhappy because of him, but I know i can blame no one and I still gotta be brave and face things that coming to me.....Thank you for not giving any hope to me and I can understand what you are doing now....I'm just no one....

Lastly, gotta go to bed now and it's almost 4am in the morning.....Gotta wake up early for revision later.....Good night!!!!

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