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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 37

Monday blue~~ blurry day~~

Skipped class again and luckily barred list is OUT today!!!HOHO...this means that i can skip more class??LOL!!!:P:P

Well, nothing much happened today...just busying with the One M'sia Proposal thingy....Hrmmm.....actually i'm a  little nervous and scare because my presentation skills not that good....AIksss...i dun wan to jatuhkan maruah sendiri dan UTAR lar!!!:S:S

Nothing much i want to blog about today....No matter what, i tried my best to make things better but i cannot force other people to accept and agree of what i've done!!!SO, just let it be.....i dun wanna bother about that anymore!!!

Tomorrow gotta wake up early and prepare to PUTRAJAYA!!!!!wish me luck!!!:):)

There's still many things to be done....and i guess tomorrow night i wont be able to sleep already!!!Will see how also!!~

Good night Everyone!!!

ps : let's us GAMBATEH for tomorrow!!!^.^

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