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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 18

Today i suddenly awake by a bad dream....It's looks real in life and luckily when i jump up in the morning i realize it was just a dream!!!and I woke up kinda late and forget to call him in the morning to wake him up to work...*sorry*

When i wake up, it was already 8.30am...I dun feel well because my back bone is very pain and i couldn't move much because its really PAIN!!!i suffer from that around 1 hour and too bad my roommate went to class and i dunno who to contact....So, i continue lying on the bed until i feel better....I suppose to meet wif Yee Ying at 9am in her house because she's back to Kampar and she is going to Kelly's funeral.....I'm sorry that i'm late to meet her...Then, when i am ready to go to her house,i took my Vitamin C in a rush and unfortunately i accidentally slip the bottle and it was dropped on the floor and broke!!!T.T....UuuhHh....i gotta clean the floor before i go over...><"

Meet Yee Ying today and i can see her eyes are still red and i know she didn't have a good rest these few days....Heartache to see her like that but i can also understand her feeling...that's why i didn't mention much or ask much....I know she is trying to be strong...and I hope she will!!:)...Then we chit-chat awhile then she went to see her boyfriend and we then go to lunch before our class....I feel a little upset because i didn't get to attend her funeral!!!I'm really sorry....:(:(

Kinda busy all day long....got no time to rest or do other things....but my mind keep thinking of her and worrying about Yee Ying and also missing him...I couldn't concentrate honestly....Did a few mistake and luckily nothing big deal....I know i should stop thinking...but i tried hard too....

Too many things to be mention but i'm lazy now....will be continue tomorrow and gotta go sleep now....Hope her funeral will be smooth tomorrow and I'm sorry for not attending!!!!!*I miss you,Kelly*
ps : just can't stop thinking of you in my mind
pss : i'm worry about you...Yee Ying...


Siu KeOnG said...

so hardworking day 16, day 17, day 18
good luck gal...i update my blog liao stop make noise, hk and amsterdam post wil be next week..hehe

Karen said...

lolx...not hardworking lar...just wanna write down everyday life for me to remembered...thanks for reading and take care ya!!!;)
*miss u*