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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 30

I missed English class for the very first time today....being lazy to attend the class because i couldn't sleep last night, end up rolling on the bed until 5 something only i can sleep.....

It's quite a tiring day because today we were rushing our assignment!!!!Oh gosh...there's so many things haven't done yet and this is the lesson of always being last minute...This week gotta pass up 2 assignment and my group actually haven't really did anything about it...LOLx....should i laugh or cry now????

Besides busying with assignments, I also gotta prepare for the presentation next TUES which our group gotta go to PUTRAJAYA and present our proposal about the activities that need to be done in the year 2010!!!I'm in charge of food carnival which also one of the big event of the year!!!*scary* I'm afraid that i cannot handle well because i still got internship....T.T....and i need time to back kampar and follow up the progress of the activities....this means that i will not having any holiday or rest day for the whole semester!!!!T.T...Gotta work work work and busy busy busy.....*sigh*

Now,it's almost 3am already and i gotta rush and find more information for Moral assignment as today only i know we need to have questionnaire and all for the assignment!!!Everything is like last minute...and i can't breathe already....I gotta....continue....doing....my work.....and Good Night Everyone!!!ZzZZzz....

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