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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 27

missed Moral class again for the 3rd week...
couldn't wake up in the morning because i'm being so lazy to attend the class...
Been watching PPS HK drama for whole day....
Assignment are waiting for me but i'm really lazy....just dun know why....
Went to Sushi King again today with Chiu Yen...
Priya called me and told me that we gotta go PUTRAJAYA to present our proposal for the 1Malaysia on Tuesday....Kinda nervous and exciting...haha...wish us luck:):)
Never go back home this week...and I miss home already!!!
Wanna watch 2012 badly now...
Hopefully i will have the time to go for a movie this weekend...:P
Wasting time in watching drama lately...
This semester never involve much in activities...that's why more free for wasting time on doing other things.....But, everything is in a rush because we just have 7 weeks this semester and finals is coming soon!!!!Hopefully i can get a good result in this semester and increase my CGPA before it's too late!!!*praying hard*
Been talking on the phone with a girl of my EX for more than 1.5 hours....Pity her i can say....and i feel empathy to her after listen to her story...it really reminds me of him when we were together and reminds those bad days n suffering days being together with him....Maybe he's just too "childish" to control his emotional and   also being immature when he's in a relationship!!!!i only can advice her but nothing else....I feel sorry because she's the next victim after me....I dun know what can i do to help her....but I know she will not going to give up on him so easily....Izzit worth it to being so stupid because of him????
Talking to her reminds me of looking back on myself....It's almost the same situation that i was facing before this....I didn't listen to other's advice and just want to prove to myself that i am not wrong....Now i somehow can realize it's really hard for one to do it when it really happens on us.....All i can do is just time to let go and leave....and I hope the girl will also have the same decision with me!!!!!~~~
Gotta be alone again in this weekend because my roommate is going back home....Well, i guess i already used to being alone....I am dependent at times but i can also be independent when there's no one there for me....Now i really need to be more independent....and i'm still learning...:):)
I wanna go Ipoh tomorrow...=P
I wanna be happy everyday....:D
hint : Everyone will have a chance:P:P
Good night!!!!! 

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