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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 42

It's Saturday again...Today, my grandmother and aunt come to our house to visit us...then daddy bring us to Puchong and we had italian food as our lunch!!!*yummy*...Then, i suggested to go IOI mall after our meal because it's been awhile i never step into the shopping mall...It has a new wing like the other shopping mall now....there are more shops and the people also quite many today...compare to last time which used to be a very boring place for shopping!!Not bad lar..at least i get to buy a formal shirt in one of the shops...*smile*

Then, at night i had dinner with a friend of mine which i know her since primary school....We were best friend that time....She never change much....and she also bring her boyfriend along to show me!!!Happy for her because she have a good boyfriend now!!! We talked and laugh...those days....that we missed a lot.....now everyone is growing up and busy with their life already.....But at least we appreciate it!!:))

Tomorrow is Sunday...this means that i need to go back again.....4 days of holiday is really not enuff for me because i havent meet up with many friends.....Not a good timing for this time because all of them are busy....Hope we can meet again soon....after my exam!!!^.^

After back to Kampar...everything will starts to become busy and busy again....especially finals is coming....gotta work extra extra harder already!!!!!i dun wanna dissapointed myself and others.....Wish me luck then!!hehehe~~


ps : I'm hoping to see you again....

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