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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 21

Dun feel like writing much today...
What i did today??HrmM...yeah i went Pyramid AGAIN...and TWICE today!!!swt-.-"
Afternoon went pyramid with Tze and Night time went there to watch "Phobia" with Tze,Jun Boon and my bro,William...
Dinner time accompany my family and daddy bring us to a Korean BBQ restaurant in Taipain...*lurves it*
Not going to further elaborate everything because i'm lazy today....
Maybe some other day i will if i remember!!!HAHA:))
Tomorrow gotta go back again and i dun really want to....I just dun know why everytime i have the feeling that going back there is the start of my nightmare....Maybe i just need a counselor to counsel me as well as helping me to overcome everything bah...
Dun know why i can't stop myself from.......falling....
and now i need REST!!!!
Some Photos to be shared:
Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

~Korean BBQ Restaurant~

*yummy kim chi soup*

To be continue...Good night!!ZZzzz

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