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Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 19

Today is Kelly's funeral and i couldn't attend....Again, i wanna say that she will always in my heart no matter where she is now...

Finally today pass up my proposal for FYP to my supervisor and she is agree with everything that i going to do...Now i need to complete Chapter 1 before the end of semester.....*stress stress*....the problem is i dun know how to start and i haven't found any article or journal which is related to my Research Question...ZzzzZz...

Next week got 2 mid term but i got no mood to start my revision yet...><"...going back tomorrow and i just hope i can concentrate on my studies this weekend!!! This weekend all my close friends are not free and most of them are having examination in their University....So i guess i gonna be a good girl and stay at home accompany my Parents!!!HaihzZ....a little weird.....but i gotta used to it because things will turn back like a year before when i was single~~~No worries i guess....all i need is just time to overcome it....

Went for dinner with Yee Ying and the other friends...then later went to Ipoh for supper....Kinda tired already but i still dun feel like sleeping yet....Tomorrow gotta drive back to Subang.....and I can't wait to meet with Amanda and have lunch with her!!!!I really need to thanks for for accompany me always when i'm back in Subang....:):)

To a friend of mine....I really dun know how to answer the question that you been asked me for so long....For now, i'm just want to concentrate on my studies and i dun wan to think of any other problems.....Pls dun annoy me and force me to accept anything that i dun wish to be....and Yes, he is still important to me and I still believe in him even though there's so many things happened lately....You may say that i'm stupid but this is the way why i love him a lot....For now, nobody can replace him even though me and him might not have the chance again!!!!!Sorry for hurting and I know it really hurts and I'm being such an evil/devil???Sorry is the only word i can say to you because i dun wanna hurt you again and again....I still have faith in him because i dun want to give up this relationship so easily.....*Sorry*

Btw,sleepy already...Good night and i'm counting the hours to go home!!!HuRRAY!!!!!:D

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