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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 34

Friday night...nothing special happen today...handed in 2 assignment and left 1 more next week need to hand in...after that still got 2 presentation and Tues gonna go to Putrajaya to present our 1Malaysia Proposal...Then, i also took part in the public speaking about 1Malaysia which is on the 3rd of Dec...then then i still gotta hand in my FYP Chapter 1 on Week 7!!!!Arghhhhh....still got lots of things haven't done yet....T.T

Nothing much to blog about today...but i suddenly feel like going mamak because i'm hungry!!!T.T....gRrr.....my diet plan always fail...lolx....dun know when only it can success??I need more motivation and inspiration!!!Looking forward to go home next week and then i can hang out with my lovely ji mui n friends!!!!All of them having holidays now and i'm so envy because they got 2 months of holidays!!!WHY UTAR always different from others har????Why can't they give us more holiday????LOLxXX~~~

and OHyeah....i'm very broke recently...spent too much already....GrrRr......any job intro me ar???feel like finding some part time because Kampar is really a dead and boring place!!!!!!!Pls contact me if anyone have any job to intro me ya!!!Thanks:):)

Afternoon slept too much already and now i'm not tired to go to bed....but what shall i do now????Hhhmmm....PPS kinda sien liao!!!lolx...anything new that i can do??????

ps : life still goes on even though there's ups and downs...I will still be me, myself no matter what is going to  happen in future!!!!CHEER UP!!!!You know you can do it!!!I'll love and miss you always!!!xoxo

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