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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 16

Today is Monday and everyone seems to have a moody mood when i stepped into the Uni....Everyone seems quiet today and didn't talk much....Me also not really feeling well because never sleep for the whole night and almost fall asleep in class!!!:S:S

After class, we have planned a memorial session for the 3 of them in Westlake Basketball Court!!!The time is 9pm-11pm...many of the 3 victim's friends come and pray and give tribute to them....this is all the best we can do for the 3 of them!!!!The 1 minute silent time really meant a lot to me....I did refresh back all things over and over again...From the 1st day i step into this Uni in Kampar and the 1st friend i know is her,Kelly....I still can remember how we know each other and how we get along together and become friends after that.....I can't imagine that she is leaving us and i gotta accept the fact that she is no longer with us now!!!T.T....I can see tears from most of them....even though there are some of them remain silent...but i  can still feel they are upset about accepting the fact that this is a truth!!!

We did our best in this memorial session and hopefully 3 of them will rest in piece....I still thinking wanna attend the funeral in Kedah on Wednesday anot but due to exam and assignment due date next week...i think i gonna think again....somemore this week i'm going back home and i scare i have no time to do my assignment!!!T.T...however, i really wish to go....and i really hope i can make it!!!!My dear friend, you will always be remembered!!!!!!!!We'll miss you all the time....

After back home, i had a shock when i was online-ing in the room.....I realize the clock in my lappy and it's 12am of 3/11/2009....My mind gone blank again.....I...can feel that my heart wants me to be strong again but I failed!!!!I still not giving up and I still cannot forget him at all!!!!!!I miss him....A LOT!!!!and today will be our 10th Month Anniversary....Unfortunately, this will only keep in my heart because my dream will never come true anymore....This is the 3rd week and I still couldn't forget every moment we had been together....The sad and happy moment......everything is in my memory and i can clearly see the picture of it....T.T...I wish i have the chance to say this again to him.....and Yes i'm selfish that i want to let him know that how much i will miss him and no matter what i still wants to believe in him!!!!!Dear,Happy Anniversary...Even you are far apart....I still be there for you always!!!!

Time to sleep and i think i need to sleep tonight....If not i guess i will be getting sick again....My back hurts and pain...and i couldn't have a nice sleep!!!T.T...Good night!!!!

ps: Kelly, i really regret that i couldn't have the lunch that day with you....I'm really sorry about the late reply!!!
pss : Dear, pls take good care of yourself even though you are very busy....I'm just there for you when you need me...
psss: Yee Ying, pls pls pls take more rest and take care yourself and stay strong!!!!You still need to attend Kelly's funeral...so dun fall sick okay????I'm sure she will not like to see you to be in this condition now....Take care...

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