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Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 26

First of all, i wanna wish my brother " HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!!!

Today Moral exam....never really study for it but afterall still consider can do lar...30 mins gao dim...can pass lor!!:P:P

Went to look around and shop in some boutique shops with Chiu Yen today....dun know why...just feel like wasting some money on buying things....never bought any clothes but bought some accessories for myself to make me feel happy~~~Weee~~~~

Didn't do anything today and just back from yum char...tomorrow still dun know wanna attend 8am Moral class anot because i really dun feel like going the morning class....still can't sleep yet but i'm really tired now....ZzzZzz....mind keep thinking of many things....there's so many things that i haven't do yet but i'm really lazy to do it.......Moral and Statistic assignment haven't do yet....CHARM LOR!!!!T.T

Not going back this week because i already POK KAI (broke)....lolx...but i feel like going to watch 2012!!!!anyone wanna accompany?????:D:D

Gotta go to bed now because i'm lazy and tired already....So, GOOD NIGHT!!!;)

*ps: my diet plan fail again....lolxx*

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