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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 25

Today Statistic exam was good...and hopefully i can get an A for it!!!:):)
Tomorrow Moral exam...just started to study 2 hours ago and i left 2 and half more chapters to go...Dun really feeling like reading it or seeing it but i'm scare tomorrow cannot do...LoLx....maybe plan to wake up early to study before go for exam bah!!!KEKE :P:P
OhhhYAaaa...Today went Ipoh Jusco with Law,Apple,Kar May and Jerms...we went there to help Jerms to choose birthday present for his special someone:P:P...Ate McDonalds OF COURSE!!!and we took "NGA CHOI GAI"-Ipoh Chicken Rice as our dinner before we back to Kampar again....Tiring day~~
A little moody...and i am controlling my temper and patient....
I know i shouldn't be like that but sorry that i can't do it as what i promise....
Give me just a little more time and I will be alright!!!!
I have faith in myself!!!!
good night...xoxo:)

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