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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 83

Today wasn't in the good mood after checking my result in the morning....Priya seems more kan cheong than me because she called early in the morning before i stepped out my house to work...She wanted me to check it immediately and when i log in i'm really nervous....I dun know how to describe my feelings when i saw the result on UTaR Intranet!!!T.T I know i never really study for the last semester (short sem ) due to some personal reasons...Haih....i ruin my own future!!!T.T.....My dream......far far away from me again......
While in the office, i keep making myself very very busy and today i really did many things because i dun wanna think of my result!!!T.T...too bad it still fail me to do so because my minds can't really stop thinking!!!Too late to regret now i know, but what else can i do????
Sigh, tomorrow is Saturday,a working day for me....and also a full time working hour!!!!Argh....and my supervisor said that Saturday will be the most busier day in the center because they having classes and also therapy~~~Guess i will be really really busy tomorrow and i can't wait for my rest day,Sunday and Monday!!!!!!!!I wanna go release stress lar, anyone willing accompany me????:(:(
It's mid-night again and i shall off to bed already....Good night and sweet dream~~

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