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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 80

Today is my first day of Internship in A Zon!!!:)

My SS photo before work lor :P
Woke up kinda early because dun really sleep well, I'm so nervous ler~~~
luckily today's task still consider OKAY lar....
Time pass so fast while working because there's so many things to do and everyone is busying!!!~
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!!!XD
OhYa, i met 2 of my ex-student when i teaching in Chee Wen,Thank god they still recognize me because they been shouting at my name in the middle of the road.....well, i do miss them a lot:(
Btw, this is the photo of my working place....

The activity board...

Our working place...:P

One of the classroom~

The activities helds in A Zon...:))

So, fyi, we need to do some cleaning service and rearrangement due to CNY is coming!!!I'm in-charge of those decoration thingy lor!!!Wish me luck lor...we only have 2 days time~~~
It's really tired after working for the whole day...but i will not give up!!!!
Peeps, Enjoy your internship too!!!!^.^
Good Night,xoxo..

ps: Guess i'm looking in a clearer picture now, i just can't suspect what did i saw and also my 6th sense....Well, sometimes it is hard to explain everything but there's nothing should be explained!!!!>< At least, i'm happy with those days....As a reminder for myself, i'm not gonna tears because of all these anymore!!!!!

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