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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 84

My Saturday  = Working day!!!
Today is the first time i get a chance to be the assistant to take charge of the children in my work place.I'm really glad and happy although today is really a very very busy busy day....Weekdays we need to do some admin work and weekend we need to teach in class.....BUT, it's really a good time for me to learn more things!!!:))
Had a really great time together when playing and teaching those small little kids....I saw many cute cute faces too....How i wish i have a child like them in future???:PP
Oh well, btw, i'm lazy to explain too much here...here's some picture's of the day~~Enjoy^^

My supervisor,Ms.Gan and the children..:P

My fav student of the day!!^.P

Tea Break time:D

Dinner time,daddy bring us to a Korean Restaurant in Taipan!!!It's delicious:)) *thumbs up*

DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant!!!Good recommendation to all~~

Really tired today...Good night everyone!!!^.^

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