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Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 82

Hmmmm....what shall i write for today ar???Been busying in working for whole day and nothing special happened recently....Well, still satisfy with the work although everyday need to work OT and foc....But, helping others is the most important thing!!!I'm happy because i can learn different kind of therapy for children who need our helps....Hopefully one day i am able to have my 1st session of teaching in the center!!!and i also hope that i can have a child training center next time!!!:P

Oh yeah...result is out today but i haven't manage to log in the website because the server is down!!!Hopefully everything is what I expecting although i nv put my 100% effort this time!!!!and lastly, wanna say congrats to all my peeps for the result that u all get!!!Especially my dearly roomy, Elaine which get 4.0 this semester!!!!:D...This shows that our time wasted in shopping doesn't effect the results!!!!XD...I wish i'm also one of the lucky one like her!!!:))

ps: Take care urself lar...you know many ppl worrying of you a not???><
Have a nice dream and Gambateh again for Tomorrow!!!!!:D


vincent said...

dun worry..u sure will get a good results de..cheeers~!

Karen said...

sigh....result nor good...far away from my expectation!!!so sad!!!:(