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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The end of Degree life!~

Finally finish the last paper of my University Degree life~ It was a tough paper though but what's over is already over! Had farewell party with dearly course mates and friends on Monday and back to Subang on the same night! In a sudden, I dun feel like leaving.... while packing, there's so many flashback and memories in Kampar! My house, my room and everything that I had leave for 3 years. I have feelings too. I seriously miss it already!

Back home and extremely tired. Dozed off to bed while online and woke up early morning for Singapore trip! Had fun with my ji muis. 5 of us staying in The Hive Backpacker's Hotel and went few places such as Orchard, Sentosa Island, Quake Kuey and more places. 2 days 1 night trip. Lots of fun and joy and enjoying although we need to walk from a places to the others. Too bad that the Universal Studio's tickets were sold out. Miss out the chance to get inside. Therefore, we still go in to Sentosa Island and play and look around. First time in my life took the Sky ride and Fun ride. It was scary in the beginning but overall I still manage to overcome it! :)

Staying a night here, I have more motivation to earn more money and desperate to work here! I dun know why. I just too envy of them because we can see peoples using those branded stuff like LV and Gucci! That's my dream! I need to work extremely hard to earn MORE money and get what's in my mind!=D My new year resolution -------- EARN MORE MONEY and SPEND IT TILL THE MAX!!!!! :P

Never shopping much because we are lack of time actually. Just walk to few shops and malls. Got some souvenir to my friends and get myself Charles& Keith's purse! It's RED in colour! My all time favourite! :D Had fun spending time with 4 of them : Kit Mun, Elaine, Eaven and Amanda. Thank girls for the memorable trip with ya all!!!! :)

2 more days to Christmas. No plans yet. Didn't want to go anywhere or celebrate it. Just want to be different this year. Staying alone at home. I used to love Christmas a lot. But now, it was still a phobia for me towards this day! I know I need to overcome it. I know I need to forget it. Give me a little of time. Thank you for asking me out my friend. But this time I seriously want to be alone and stay alone with myself!

Lastly, a belated birthday wishes for the "U"...Happy Birthday! Hope u did have a blast and take care there....No matter what, I am still here supporting you! Dun worry, I am not going to disturb u already. I just hope that I am able to care of you from the bottom of my heart! There's nothing can change my heart for you!~ :)

Here's some pictures we took in Singapore! For more photos views, 
please visit my Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=777155402

5 of us! Eaven, Amanda, Me, Kit Mun, Elaine

Christmas decoration in Orchard Road...

First time in my life entering CASINO! :P

Us in peak of The Merlion, Sentosa Island~

The Christmas Tree outside Universal Studio~

Only get to take this but too bad that we can't get to buy the tickets~
Oh well, we are planning for next year^^

Of cuz, my RED favourable purse from Charles & Keith!!!

Last but not least, souvenir that I had bought~

Hope everyone enjoy this trip and there will surely more and more trips coming up next!!!:P
Can't wait to plan for the next place already~ xoxo

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